Prince Harry’s absence from D-Day events linked to his burning bridges with Royal family?

Prince Harry’s absence from D-Day events linked to his burning bridges with Royal family, claims expert© Provided by Meaww

LONDON, ENGLAND: Prince Harry’s conspicuous absence from the D-Day commemorations has raised speculations among the royal commentators,  with one of them remarking it must have been a “pretty stomach-clenching moment” for him to watch, knowing he wasn’t a part of it.

To honor the fallen soldiers of World War II and remember the 14,000 Canadians who stormed Juno Beach 80 years ago during the Normandy Landing, King Charles III, Queen Camilla, and Prince William commemorated the event in early June

Harry’s absence was even more poignant as he is the only member of the royal family to have served on the front line twice and has garnered immense respect as a military man. He is also the founder of the Invictus Games – which works with the war veterans.

Royal commentators claim Harry missed the events because he burnt bridges with the royals

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Harry was held accountable for his absence at the event honoring army veterans, as reported by The Sun.

However, Nicholl remarked that it would’ve been a “hard” and “pretty stomach-clenching moment” for the royal rebel to watch the two-day events knowing he wasn’t a part of it.

The royal expert emphasized that only Harry, due to his service to the country, has truly earned the right to commemorate the fallen.

Nicholl conveyed to The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson, “Every time we cover the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday if there’s anyone that’s earned the right to be there and to lay a wreath, it’s Prince Harry because he fought for his Queen and his country in Afghanistan twice.”

She continued, “And I can only imagine, and we were talking about how happy is out in Montecito and I believe he is, he’ll be watching those D-Day commemorations.”

“He was a soldier for a big part of his life as we know through the Invictus community and I think it’s a pretty stomach-clenching moment for him where it’s that realization that despite what he did, he wasn’t a part of this because he’s not a part of the working class Royal Family,” explained the expert.

As Matt suggested the Duke of Sussex’s absence from the events is caused because of his burning bridges with the royal family, Nicholl agreed.

The royal expert commented, “They are, they are,” before adding, “Currently, we don’t know whether he did anything in Montecito, but if he did, he didn’t do anything publicly.”

She continued, “And you’ll remember that one Remembrance Sunday when he and Meghan were photographed laying a wreath and that backfired on them so badly.”

Prince Harry fought in the frontline twice (Getty Images)© Provided by Meaww

“So I think they’ve learned from things like that so it must’ve been a hard moment for him to watch these two days of commemorations in Normandy and in Britain and know that just like being a soldier, he wasn’t a part of it,” added the royal expert.

Prince William is praised for his D-Day commemoration

Conversely, experts lauded Prince William for his consistent attendance at the events, highlighting how the Prince of Wales deviated from the route to make an unexpected visit to Arromanches, where he met with veterans on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The father-of-three visited the D-Day museum and met with several veterans of the Gloucestershire Regiment in the Army.

Nicholl explained, “I love that spontaneity about the Prince of Wales and I think we’ve both been on tours and visits when he’ll make a detour,” before adding, “He’ll spot someone in the crowd or he’ll see a post and he’ll be drawn to it – and he’s not afraid to go off-piste when it comes to his schedule some times.”

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