Kate Middleton’s future drowns in an infinite ‘never’ as Prince William slips and confirms it is true

Prince William is really bad at both lying and telling the truth.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Is King Charles really making a big mistake by investing his attention in the wrong place or is his divided focus a carefully crafted sham to hide a controversy that the Royal Family might never recover from? Why? Because what Prince William appears to be doing now is deliberately distracting the masses from the truth. And he is really bad at it.

Updates from sources “close to the Royal Family” are all we have in terms of knowing what is happening with Kate Middleton behind the palace’s closed door. Despite the massive backlash that followed the initial botched attempts to deal with the fallout of the Princess’ absence, the Royals’ PR management remains as messy as ever as they roll out a shaky “maybe Kate will appear on the balcony during Trooping Colors” after reports cryptically saying she may not appear in public for the rest of the year and is just surrounded by her “birth family.” So, William is not with his wife while she battles a deadly disease?

*sigh* But that’s so last week since the palace now facing a new concerning update made worse by Prince William and that is now fueling the conspiracy theories that have long since graduated from mere speculations of Kate having some disease or illness other than cancer — we are now hearing very detailed possibilities that range from the Royal Family plotting to replace her with Rose Hanbury as she has moved out from the palace after learning William was cheating on her to morbid narratives that she has been dead for some time now and King Charles and others are just bidding their time to think ways of subduing the scandal the news would cause.

And trust me, William is so NOT helping.

Is Prince William making the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories look authentic?

So, a new report, by Us Weekly, states that she “may never come back in the role that people saw her in before,” as shared by a “source.” Now this source also did their best to paint a picture of a happy family — Kate is baking, and cooking, William and her kids are there with her, and they are “closer” than ever.

It would sound sweet if not for the many contradicting reports about Kate’s whereabouts and the fact that the only times she has been “seen” were a photoshopped picture, a grocery shopping outing where the woman photographed looks nothing like Kate, and of course, the cancer announcement video which has been torn to shreds by online aspiring sleuths for not having William, her stiff pose, and has been labeled an AI creation.

Oh, the biggest negative point — that William’s only response when asked if his wife is doing well is to either say “yes” or agree that Kate is “doing well” and then quickly, somewhat suspiciously, transition to some past memory of them as a family. One time is “Aw,” maybe the second and third time after that, but if that keeps happening, with all the above-mentioned chaos as its background? Nah-uh.

The latest example of this is when the prince was asked about Kate’s health while he attended the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings on June 5. The question — is she getting any better?” and the no-points-for-guessing answer was “Yes.” And then he embarked on narrating (via People) how “She’d have loved to be here today” as Kate has personal ties to the event.

“I was reminding everyone her grandmother served at Bletchley Park, so she had quite a few in common with some of the ladies here who were at Bletchley.”

What Happened to Kate Middleton and Prince William? The Complete Timeline,  Explained

Hmm. And you know what he said next to the curious veteran? “I will see you in five years’ time for the 85th.” Just “I?” In a normal situation, this is no biggie. But when there are reports going on about your affair with another woman and your PR management has already turned the unfortunate reality of your wife’s illness into a PR nightmare, you do everything in your power to blunt down the sharp edges. This is confirming that even after five years, Kate will not be able to accompany William.

While Kate deserves all the privacy and rest in the world to recuperate and get better, it should be understandable that a) when you are a renowned public figure and b) when a huge chunk of your life is run on the public dime, you have to manage the social curiosity. Because if you don’t, it can get really bad really fast.

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