Prince Harry searching for a UK home as his friends are not visiting over ‘rifts’ with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is searching for a UK property as his friends are refusing to visit him in the US over their “rifts” with Meghan Markle, according to a report.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, is reportedly keen to have a London base he could keep returning to instead of checking into hotels — something he’s been doing since last year.

After being evicted from Frogmore Cottage in June 2023, Harry and Meghan have not had a permanent place to stay on his home soil.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, at a fundraising concert for first responders in Santa Barbara
The Duke of Sussex’s friends are reportedly refusing to visit him in the US over their “rifts” with Meghan

According to royal commentator and expert Tom Quinn, the father of two is “sad” that he no longer has a British address to his name.

“Inevitably, the honeymoon period where everything in the States is new and exciting is coming to an end and Harry is looking back at the past through rose-tinted spectacles.”

Quinn added that Harry misses his schoolmates and army friends, “many of whom have not visited as they don’t get on with Meghan.”

“Harry is determined to find his own permanent home in the UK, which is partly why he’s continuing his legal action to get the British taxpayer to pay for his security,” he added, referring to London High Court’s decision to strip the Sussexes of taxpayer-funded UK security protection.

The Post has reached out to reps for the Sussexes for comment.

Frogmore Cottage, the former home of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a white house surrounded by a lush green lawn and trees

The pair were evicted from Frogmore Cottage in June 2023.Shutterstock
Earlier this year, Harry was ordered to pay 90% of the UK Home Office’s legal costs for defending the court’s initial ruling.

In February, Sir Peter Lane, the judge of the High Court, ruled that there was no unlawfulness in stripping Harry and Meghan of their security in Feb. 2020.

In a further blow to the couple, they were asked to hand over the keys to Frogmore Cottage — a royal residence they thought would “always be there for them.”

The pair were gifted the home’s lease by the late Queen Elizabeth II as a wedding present in 2018.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping The Colour 2018
Harry’s decision to renounce his British residency was a blatant indicator that his estranged father’s eviction decision hurt him, experts claimed.Getty Images
However, after stepping down as senior working members of the family and hightailing it across the pond just two years later, the pair were asked to hand over the keys to the plush royal residence.

Earlier this year, Harry sensationally renounced his British residency and claimed America as his home in new paperwork in which he declared that his “new country/state” was now the “United States.”

The move was backdated to June 29, 2023 — the same day he and the “Suits” alum officially vacated the sprawling property, which left them with no official UK residence.

Experts have since speculated that the date listed is a blatant indicator that his estranged father’s decision hurt him.

After evicting the property, the Sussexes were reported to try to recoup the $2.8 million they spent on revamping it.

Charles kickstarted the eviction process from the plush five-bedroom property in Jan. 2023 — just one day after Harry’s bombshell memoir “Spare” hit the shelves.

Prince Harry carrying his son Prince Archie on his shoulders outside their Montecito mansion
The pair now reside in their $14 million Montecito, Calif. mansion with son Prince Archie and daughter Princess Lilibet.
Without an official royal residence to their name, Harry and Meghan must stay with friends or in a hotel whenever they visit the UK.

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