Meghan Markle’s antics ‘ruin’ Prince Harry’s important cause, Prince Harry an afterthought

Meghan Markle’s antics ‘ruin’ Prince Harry’s important causeMeghan Markle’s antics ‘ruin’ Prince Harry’s important cause

Meghan Markle has been accused of stealing the limelight from her husband, Prince Harry, during their recent visit to Nigeria.

While the trip to Nigeria was meant to garner support for the Duke of Sussex’s beloved Invictus Games, his plans were seemingly ruined as the former Suits actress dominated the tour with her antics.

The Duchess of Sussex made it to the headlines because of her revelation that she is 43 per cent of Nigerian heritage.

In conversation with TalkTV, royal commentator Rupert Bell analysed the aftermath of the former working royal couple’s trip to the African country.

He said, “The visit, which I’m sure was deemed to be about Invictus, but all of the fallout from it seems to be about Meghan. Harry’s role in trying to drum up support for Invictus seems to have been put on the backburner.”

Previously, it was also reported that Meghan is making all the important life decisions for Harry.

In conversation with Sky New Australia, writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue said, “You can definitely see a heavy hand by Meghan in a lot of the decisions they make.”

“You see that in a lot of the way their engagements are done, she’s really at the forefront and Harry’s melting into the background,” shared the royal expert.

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