Samantha Markle drags Meghan back to court with concrete evidence of all her alleged past misdeeds

The Marco family drama is back and spicier than ever, with Samantha Marco, Megan’s half sister and part-time legal crusader, dragging the duchess back to court.

Megan claims that Samantha changed her surname back to Marco when she started dating Harry, which she accuses of stealing the crown jewels.

Samantha has now taken the lawsuit to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal, arguing that Megan’s comments were disparaging, hurtful, and false.

Samantha’s lawyers argue that the judge in the original case didn’t consider the cumulative effect of Megan’s public statements, arguing that they are trying to build a case that Megan has been on some sort of systematic campaign to destroy Samantha’s reputation.

Megan has nothing better to do with her time than plot against her half-sister, and the Netflix documentary she produced about her childhood is shocking.

The family drama has been going on since March 2022, and both Megan and Harry are estranged from most of their extended family.

Both Megan and Harry are collecting family feuds like some people collect stamps, with the only Marco they’re still talking to is Megan’s mom dor. Their family tree looks less like a tree and more like a lonely twig.

The focus of the family drama is on whether or not Megan accurately represented her childhood family dynamics in a TV interview, which is the most pressing issue of our time. The impact this has on the monarchy is as damaging as a bunch of cats fighting over a ball of yarn.

Apart from the legal jargon and media circus, there is a sense of sadness because behind all the legal jargon and media circus, these are real people with real feelings.

The next step for the Megan family Saga is whether Samantha finally gets her day in court or if she can be forced to produce a minute-by-minute account of her actions.


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