Prince Harry can play trump card to reconcile with King Charles

Prince Harry and King Charles’ relationship hit murky shores in 2020.

Prince Harry can play trump card to reconcile with King Charles

King Charles is still hoping to reconcile with Prince Harry because of one sole reason.

After the Duke of Sussex moved out of the UK with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020, his relationship with the royals hit the rocks, which is why their two children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet never got to spend time with their Windsor relatives, especially their grandfather.

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond talked about how the family tension is affecting the young royals and their bond with Charles.

“Having grandchildren is a powerful tug on the heartstrings. Little people who are part of your bloodline and have had nothing to do with family quarrels and tensions. Utterly innocent tiny tots who deserve to know and love their grandparents,” she tells OK! magazine.

Insisting that there is one factor that could bring the two closer, Jennie continued, “So I can imagine that the King very much wants the chance to get to know Archie and Lilibet and to create some memories for them. The children may provide the most compelling link between Charles and Harry, and convince them both to forgive, if not forget, the bitter rows of the past.”

“I fervently hope that Harry will not follow Meghan’s example of remaining obdurately estranged from her father and most of her family. Maybe Archie and Lilibet hold the key to reconciliation between Charles and Harry,” she concluded.

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