Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to zip this one behaviour to end their long-standing feud with the crown

A royal expert advises Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to cease negative talk about the royal family to mend their “relationship”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly seeking to end their long-standing feud with the royal family. But how? Royal expert suggests they need to cease one particular behaviour.

Criticism of royal family hindering Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's reconciliation, expert suggests. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs/File Photo(REUTERS)

Russell Myers, a royal commentator, told the New York Post, “Members from the royal family have told Harry, if he wants a relationship with the rest of the family, then first and foremost, he has got to stop talking about them.”

“They can’t go about making money off their associations with the royal family. They’re going to [have to] sort of realize, if they’re going to have a relationship with the rest of the royal family, they can’t go about trashing them.”

The Sussexes have been under scrutiny for their continued use of royal titles and styles for “financial gain”, most recently-the Nigeria trip. This has led to what some sources describe as a “permanent reprimand” from the royal family.

Sussexes will never make peace with royal family

Royal author Christopher Andersen told the Fox News Digital, “Harry and Meghan have drifted so far out to sea as far as King Charles III and Prince William are concerned,” and, “There is really no foreseeable way in which they’ll ever be welcomed back.”

“Even if Harry was to throw himself at the king’s feet and beg for forgiveness — which Harry is not about to do — the best he could hope for would be crumbs from the royal table, and the sort of grudging acceptance that is currently being afforded to Harry’s disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew,” he added.

Since their departure from royal duties in 2020, their “Megxit” has faced considerable criticism. Andersen emphasized that “If Harry and Meghan are determined to monetize their titles, then they’ll just be digging that hole deeper and deeper.”

“But if they simply use their California-centric celebrity to build their brand and steer clear of overtly capitalizing on the Sussex name and Windsor connection — well, everybody has a right to make a living.”

And even then, “there would still be acrimony and zero chance of Harry getting back into the king’s and William’s good graces.”

The Duchess of Sussex has not returned to the United Kingdom since Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral in September 2022. In contrast, Prince Harry has made several trips back but has consistently received a “frosty reception” from his family.

“Hopefully, they’ll see that the royal family is very united without them, and if they do want a relationship, going forward, they need to take the steam out of their relationship and out of the things they sometimes say,” Myers concluded.


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