Meghan Markle ‘clumsy’ move to vanquish Kate Middleton unearthed

Meghan Markle selfish move before Kate Middleton’s big day unfolded.

Meghan Markle ‘clumsy’ move to vanquish Kate Middleton unearthed

Meghan Markle is being called out for sabotaging Kate Middleton’s latest appearance.

The Duchess of Sussex, who launched a raspberry jam and dog doughnuts under new her label ‘American Riviera Orchard,’ pulled a publicity stunt hours before Kate was to make her grand re-entry to public life at Trooping the Colour.

The Mail’s Diary editor Richard Eden told the Palace Confidential: “The problem with their [Harry and Meghan’s] marketing strategy, is that Meghan’s done these publicity stunts essentially, where she sent out goods and encouraged friends and influencers to post about them. But you never know when they’re going to do it or what they’re going to say, so it’s completely out of your control.

Meghan Markle e Kate Middleton se reaproximaram por razão especial.  Entenda! - Purepeople

“Yes you get good publicity when they ‘I’ve got Meghan’s jam’ but it’s very embarrassing if it’s just before Catherine’s reappearance at Trooping.”

Meanwhile, expert Rebecca English added: “It is clumsy. You can’t expect them to have known that that announcement was coming because people don’t tell them things, because they don’t trust them.

“So I don’t think they would have known, but again it just shows how Queen Elizabeth was so very wise in saying ‘You can’t have a half-in half-out job”

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