Can King Charles ‘illegitimate’ son inherit British throne after his death?

King Charles reportedly had a son with Queen Camilla out of wed-lock.

Royal expert reveals if Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who claims to be the son of King Charles and Queen Camila, would inherit the British crown after the monarch’s death.

He is convinced he’s the secret love child of the royal couple.
An Australian man who claims he is the son of King Charles and Camila has shared a photograph of his daughter and claims she resembles Princess Charlotte.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day has claimed for years that he is the illegitimate son of Charles and Camila, and has had several requests for a DNA test rejected.

He was adopted when he was about eight months old in August 1966 in Portsmouth, in the UK, when Camilla would have been 18, and Charles 17.

According to official records, the King and Queen didn’t meet until five years later, which casts major doubt over Dorante-Day’s claims.

Dorante-Day’s Facebook page contains endless photographs of his face alongside the King’s in an attempt to draw a clear likeness, and last year, the Australian broadcaster Seven News aired a short documentary on both Dorante-Day and his wife Elvianna.

During the interview, Dorante-Day said he had ‘no doubt’ the royals would be watching his interview and left them with a final message: “You know the truth – and you’re standing there accepting being named King, knowing the truth.”

Now, to reinforce his claim of relation to the King, Dorante-Day has shared a photograph of his daughter Meriam to his over 27,000 followers on social media, claiming that she looks remarkably like Princess Charlotte.

The 57-year-old has previously asserted that his adoptive grandmother, reportedly a former employee of the late Queen Elizabeth II, disclosed on her deathbed that he was the offspring of the royal couple.

He also claims medical procedures were undertaken during his childhood to alter his appearance, including changing his eye colour and filing his teeth.

The royal family has chosen to maintain complete silence regarding Dorante-Day’s allegations.

His followers on Facebook remarked on the similarity between Dorante-Day’s daughter Meriam and Princess Charlotte, with one person commenting: “There is just so much resemblance between them, it’s uncanny!”

Another wrote: “There is just so much resemblance between them, it’s uncanny!”

One other person posted: “Very, very much alike.”

In an interview with Seven News last month, Simon revealed that he plans to take the King and Queen to court if they embark on a tour of Australia, as planned, in 2024.

“What [legal action] am I going to do this time? Well, I’d be a very silly person that when he comes into the same jurisdiction as me not to do something,” Simon told the Australian broadcaster.

“But I think I’d be even sillier to let that cat out of the bag right now.”

He added: “You know, there’s always something going on in the background here at our place. It never stops. People think just because it goes quiet on Facebook, [the case] is quiet, but it doesn’t. We’re hammering in the background.”

Simon says he’s convinced he will one day find out the truth about his paternity, and is determined to gain DNA evidence from Charles and Camilla legally.

“I’m 100 per cent confident that I will have the answers to this and the truth out there,” he says.

“I’m not doing all this to be a Facebook character. And I’ve had to learn to do this and objectionably at times, because we were private people.

“These accusations that I’m doing this for money? Yeah, right, okay. And I’m doing it for fame? None is true.

“All we want is the truth. All we want him to do is tell the truth, and her, Camilla as well. They both need to own up.”



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