“That’s the most powerful jedi in the room”: Carrie-Anne Moss’s Jedi in The Acolyte is Heavily Inspired by Her Legendary Trinity From The Matrix

Carrie-Anne Moss’ Jedi Master Indara in The Acolyte is heavily inspired by her legendary character of Trinity from The Matrix.

"That's the most powerful jedi in the room": Carrie-Anne Moss's Jedi in The Acolyte is Heavily Inspired by Her Legendary Trinity From The Matrix

Carrie-Anne Moss’s astonishing portrayal of the Trinity in The Matrix franchise has become nothing short of legendary. Known for strength, intelligence, and agility, the character has become an iconic figure as far as pop culture is concerned. With a fifth Matrix movie reportedly in the works, fans are geared to possibly witness Moss’s iconic character back on the big screen.

Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss (in a still from The Matrix franchise)

However, they don’t need to wait years for the fifth movie to do so (if Moss comes back in the role) for The Acolyte is where one can witness Moss as a mighty Jedi, a role which is inspired by Trinity from The Matrix.

Carrie-Anne Moss Stars as a Jedi in The Acolyte

Moss as Jedi Master Indara in The Acolyte trailer

Moss as Jedi Master Indara in The Acolyte trailer

Carrie-Anne Moss‘s Trinity will forever be remembered for the incredible action scenes and gravity-defying stunts she did in The Matrix franchise. While her performance was extraordinary, it was the depth and complexity that she added to the role that made the character even more powerful.

While we don’t know if she will be returning as Trinity or not in the upcoming fifth Matrix movie (via Today.com), one does not need to look further than the Star Wars universe to witness Moss’ action prowess. In the upcoming Disney+ series, The Acolyte, Moss stars as the Jedi Master Indara.

As intriguing as the news is, the actress’s Star Wars role is heavily inspired by the Trinity from The Matrix. In an exclusive interview with Empire, creator Leslye Headland stated,

“She is very much inspired by Trinity. I personally wanted to see someone who had the highest status you could imagine in a Force-fu fight – somebody that would come in and you immediately would be like, ‘Oh, that’ the most powerful Jedi in the room.’ And that’s Trinity.”

And so, while casting Moss as Jedi Master Indara was a no-brainer, Carrie-Anne Moss was immediately on board with the idea and vision of her character in The Acolyte.

Carrie-Anne Moss Was Thrilled to be Part of The Acolyte

A still from The Acolyte trailerA still from The Acolyte trailer

The upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte is the recent addition to the intergalactic fantasy mythos. While the trailer of the upcoming series does not seem to be faring as well, Carrie-Anne Moss was nonetheless elated when she was first approached.

While talking to the Empire magazine, the actress remarked,

“I felt that a few times in my career with some of the big things I’ve done – Memento, The Matrix – where you’re talking to the filmmaker and you just go, ‘Oh, they totally get it’.”

As for the action part, the .actress was not deterred by it but instead exclaimed that she loved action and stunts.

“Within my soul and my spirit, to get to play this Jedi Master and train for the fight was [an] amazing experience. A part of me forgot how much I love action. I love it. It’s hard. But I was just really thrilled that I could do it, and I wanted to do it well. ‘Gimme another take! Gimme another take!’”

While Moss’s contribution to The Matrix franchise is immeasurable, it sure is exciting to see her take on another role in a franchise as revered as Star Wars.

The first two episodes of The Acolyte will premiere on June 4, 2024.

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