“I know the perfect guy”: Walton Goggins Made His ‘Justified’ Reunion on Fallout With 1 Phone Call to a Dear Friend to ‘Pay it Back’

Walton Goggins’ frequent collaborator from ‘Justified’ appears on ‘Fallout’, after a payback call.

“I know the perfect guy”: Walton Goggins Made His ‘Justified’ Reunion on Fallout With 1 Phone Call to a Dear Friend to ‘Pay it Back’


As Walton Goggins’ 2024 drama Fallout was released on April 10 on Prime Video, fans were greeted to a few prominent guest stars from the very first season. But there was one unannounced casting that caught TV fans’ attention in particular, and certainly rejoiced Justified fans.

Walton Goggins in Fallout
In the final scene of the series premiere, Walton Goggins was seen squaring off against a familiar face, who was his frequent collaborator from Justified. While most people might consider Timothy Olyphant, it was actually Mykelti Williamson who provided a delightful bonus for fans. But while Williamson’s casting came as a surprise to fans, Goggins noted that it was “no coincidence”.

Mykelti Williamson Joined Forces With Walton Goggins

While Walton Goggins’ appearance as Ghoul served as a real treat, the recently released 2024 drama series Fallout also had other surprising elements. Take, for example, the character of Honcho, who along with his group of men dug up Goggins’ Ghoul out of a casket. Now, many fans interestingly found Honcho quite familiar. Well obviously, because the character was played by none other than Goggins’ Justified co-star Mykelti Williamson.

In the last few minutes of the Fallout premiere, Mykelti Williamson appeared as a pleasant surprise in the role of Honcho, the group leader of the trio who went grave-digging, where they came across Walton Goggins’ Ghoul. Therein, we learn about how Goggins’ character was buried alive, smothered with chemicals so that he could be removed for work or tortured ever so often.
Mykelti WilliamsonMykelti Williamson in a still from Fallout

However, while Mykelti Williamson’s casting and his reunion with Walton Goggins came as a surprise to audiences, Goggins revealed that it wasn’t a mere coincidence. According to the actor’s interview with IndieWire, he revealed setting up the Justified reunion quite strategically when Fallout creators asked him to recommend someone for the role of Honcho. Calling it a friendly payback, Goggins explained how it all happened.

Walton Goggins Reflected Upon Mykelti Williamson’s Casting

From starring in the hit FX series Justified to reuniting with his former co-star Mykelti Williamson on the newly released show Fallout, Walton Goggins revealed in a recent interview how he made the reunion happen. Considering Williamson a dear friend of his, Goggins noted recommending him to the show creators for the role of Honcho. With a desire to “pay it back” to Williamson, much like Goggins benefited from favors, the actor admitted pitching the Con Air star.

This role [for Honcho] was coming up, and they asked me point blank if I knew someone. I said, ‘I know the perfect guy: Mykelti. He would be incredible in this. I can give him a call if you think that it’s a reality.’ And they called back and said, ‘We love T, we love him so much.’

Walton Goggins and Mykelti Williamson have a history of working together, including their roles as Boyd Crowder and Ellstin Limehouse, respectively, on Justified. From there onwards, the duo developed a great bond which recently served well, as they shared screen on Fallout. Goggins further mentioned how he immediately called the actor, after learning about Williamson’s casting.

Mykelti Williamson in Justified Mykelti Williamson in Justified

So I called him and he said, ‘Yeah, man, I’ll get on a plane. I’ll come out there.’ We’ve remained really good friends [since ‘Justified‘]. I love him. He’s a great man.”
Goggins then revealed that when he was asked for a recommendation, he wasn’t thinking about Justified, instead he was just paying it forward to Mykelti Williamson. Selflessly returning the favor that once served him, Walton Goggins mentioned extending a similar favor to Williamson.
Walton GogginsWalton Goggins in a still from Justified

That favor has been extended to me by people that wanted me to just come and play with them, and I do that whenever [I get] the opportunity. I know a lot of people — in my Rolodex, 10 people could have played that part — but Mykelti was the one in my imagination. Whenever you get the opportunity to work with a friend who you have that shorthand [with], and you know they’re going to deliver, you make your phone call to your friend.
Certainly, with this level of friendship and chemistry between the duo, Fallout is set to be a thrilling ride. Fans of both actors are excited to see what the two will bring to the table this time around.

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