Zack Snyder’s Superhero Universe Expands with 2 New Films

After having created the DCEU, Zack Snyder reveals which two superhero movies he would still want to direct if he ever got the chance in the future.

Ben Affleck as Batman in armored Batsuit in Zack Snyder's Justice League image

Justice League filmmaker Zack Snyder opens up on what DC or Marvel movies he would still want to make in his future. While the last few years of the DCEU movie timeline had a largely lackluster reception, the franchise was Warner Bros.’ first proper attempt at creating a DC-based interconnected universe. Started by Snyder, the DCEU eventually led to the first cinematic portrayal of the Justice League, leading audiences to remain curious about his prospective future with the superhero genre.

In a new interview with Happy, Sad, Confused, Snyder was asked how close he got to directing a Wolverine movie back in the day. While it didn’t end up happening, Snyder also shared which superhero movies he would love to direct in the future, if he was ever given the option, stating the following:

Elektra is like, well, Elektra Lives Again really is the is the movie for me. Because it’s Lynn Varley and Frank Miller and the whole – it’s like yeah, that would be, and that book is beautiful… The Dark Knight Returns is the only real comic book movie I would do tomorrow if I could get a chance to do it, yeah. Oh, it has [to be] comic accurate, 100%.

Why Elektra Lives Again & The Dark Knight Returns Would Be Perfect Zack Snyder Movies

Elektra fighting villains in Marvel Comics' Elektra Lives Again

With Netflix’s Daredevil TV show being canon to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, Elektra Lives Again could be the perfect film for Snyder, but also Marvel Studios. After the events of The Defenders, it has been unclear if Elektra is still alive or not as Daredevil season 3 never really tackled that issue. Doing an Elektra Lives Again adaptation could be the proper re-introduction that her character needs, and it would be interesting to see how Snyder would approach the MCU’s version of the Marvel heroine.

The Dark Knight Returns would be a solid movie for DC Studios to explore outside of James Gunn’s DC Universe as part of their Elseworlds brand. This would be a great way to have Snyder return for a one-off without having to re-attach himself to a shared superhero franchise again. This approach would also allow Snyder to make things 100% comic book accurate without having it fit an established continuity, and truly follow the original story to its core.

While The Dark Knight Returns may be less likely to happen, as Warner Bros. Discovery has yet to announce any new Elseworlds projects to be in the works, Elektra Lives Again may be a more timely project to come to fruition. Whether or not Snyder ends up being the one who directs it remains to be seen, as he is busy building out his Rebel Moon franchise on Netflix. Hopefully, there will be a time when Snyder does another comic book movie again, regardless if it’s DC or Marvel.

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