“Yes, Peter Parker found MJ”: Beau DeMayo Ignites Hopes for Spider-Man ‘98 Revival After Bombastic X-Men ‘97 Season Finale

Beau DeMayo’s cameo of Peter Parker and MJ in X-Men ’97 drives anticipation for a Spider-Man ’98 series.

X-Men ‘97

SPOILERS for X-Men ‘97 ahead!

Following a string of box office disappointments in its live-action universe, Marvel Studios scored a homerun with X-Men ‘97. The animated series conceptualized by Beau DeMayo aired ten episodes with the finale airing just a few hours ago. Famed for maintaining its consistency and style as a recreation of the iconic ‘90s show, X-Men: The Animated Series, the show has found a prominent place in fans’ hearts and has fanned discussions and demands for a second season.

Official art for X-Men '97 (via Marvel Animation)

Official art for X-Men ’97

In the wave of these talks on social media, the series creator also chimed in for a special surprise. The last episode featured a long line of iconic cameos including several Avengers. However, one special look stole the spotlight prompting the showrunner to confirm its authenticity as well as spread hopes for a recreation of another iconic animation from the same time period.

Beau DeMayo confirms a Peter Parker easter egg in X-Men ‘97

Screengrab from X-Men '97 Episode 9 -Tolerance is Extinction Part IIScreengrab from X-Men ’97 Episode 9 -Tolerance is Extinction Part II 

Coming right after a nerve-wracking and cliffhanger ninth episode, the season finale titled Tolerance Is Extinction, Pt. 3 featured one of the best storylines ever witnessed in recent times. As Professor X managed to heal Magneto and sway Asteroid M away from Earth, saving humanity, a blink-and-a-miss cameo featured Peter Parker alongside Mary Jane aka MJ exactly as they appeared in the Spider-Man animated series that ran from 1994 to 1998.

Taking to his X (formerly Twitter) account, Beau DeMayo confirmed that “yes, Peter Parker found MJ”. The reference completed a missing link from the animation that never had the two lovebirds from the comics connect again. The cliffhanger finale from the ‘90s had Peter Parker reveal his identity to MJ and subsequently marry her, only to know that it was a clone created by Miles Warren.

After her disintegration, the web-slinging hero set on a search for his real love, which never received a revelation until today. Furthermore, the surprise also ignited a chain of demands from fans who wanted another creation from the past to be brought back to life.

After X-Men ‘97 fans want a Spider-Man’ 98 show

A look at Bastion from X-Men '97 (via Marvel Animation)A look at Bastion from X-Men ’97

Several users on social media thanked Beau DeMayo for completing the Peter Parker story arc, as well as serving them a grand dose of nostalgic cameos. Additionally, many also wondered about the possibility of Marvel Studios launching a Spider-Man ‘98 show that follows exactly the same aesthetics and explosive storyline as X-Men ‘97.

The idea of keeping the same color palette and animation style of the original and appending it with a thoughtful recreation worked for the studio and fans believe that it certainly would again for a show centered around Peter Parker.

Unfortunately, many also regretted the departure of DeMayo from Marvel Studios. The showrunner’s story made the show a worldwide hit and marked one of the best crossovers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Regardless, many hoped that the possibility of him returning and an animated Spider-Man show happening ran pretty high after the current success.

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