X-Men Theory Unlocks Marvel’s Stunning Secrets to Reverse Tragic Deaths

X-Men ’97 episode 5, “Remember It,” ended in tragedy for Genosha’s residents and the X-Men, but the series already revealed how this can be reversed.

Rogue crying and Magneto's destroyed statue in X-Men '97 episode 5

Warning: This article contains spoilers for X-Men ’97 episode 5, “Remember It.”

Marvel Studios Animation has already revealed how the heartbreaking ending of X-Men ’97 episode 5, “Remember It,” can be reversed, thanks to one time-traveling cameo. X-Men ’97, set outside the main timeline of the MCU, brought back many fan-favorite mutant heroes from X-Men: The Animated Series, continuing their story roughly a year after Professor X’s departure in the original show’s finale. X-Men ’97 has seen Magneto assume control of the X-Men, stripped Storm of her abilities, pitted the X-Men against Madelyne Pryor and Mister Sinister, and marked Jubilee’s 18th birthday, but X-Men ’97 episode 5 packed an even bigger punch.

X-Men ’97 episode 5 released on April 10, and saw X-Men members Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit journey to Genosha to celebrate the mutant nation’s integration into the United Nations. In the midst of the celebration, however, Genosha was attacked by a giant, three-headed Sentinel, dead-set on eliminating the island’s mutant inhabitants. Taking inspiration from Marvel Comics’ tragic E is for Extinction storyline from 2001, which saw Cassandra Nova use Sentinels to attack Genosha and eradicate 16 million mutants, and real world events including 9/11 and the Pulse nightclub shooting, X-Men ’97 episode 5’s heartbreaking ending marked tragedy for the X-Men.

X-Men ’97 Episode 5 Killed Off Gambit & Magneto

Three-headed Sentinel in Genosha in X-Men '97 episode 5

While there were many mutants taken out by the looming Sentinel in X-Men ’97 episode 5, the episode also marked the end of the line for two prominent members of the X-Men. Both Magneto and Gambit were killed during the attack on Genosha, though both died making a final stand against the Sentinel, and protecting others around them. Magneto used his magnetism to hold back the Sentinel’s attack for as long as possible, though ultimately wasn’t strong enough. Gambit had more success, using his ability to supercharge the Sentinel and blow it up, at the cost of his own life.

Since Magneto assumed control of the X-Men, per Professor X’s last will and testament, in X-Men ’97’s premiere episode, he has proven his desire for change time and again, and has become a steadfast commander of the team. This makes his untimely death even more tragic, but it was Gambit’s demise that packed a hugely emotional punch. Gambit used his last moments to destroy the Sentinel, despite knowing it would mean certain death, and only moments after Rogue chose him over Magneto. These deaths marked a dark turn for X-Men ’97, but may not be the end of the story.

Cable’s Appearance In X-Men ’97 Episode 5 Foreshadows Him Changing The Past

Cable speaking to Madelyne Pryor in X-Men '97 episode 5

Seconds before the attack on Genosha commenced, Cable made his first X-Men ’97 appearance, having traveled back in time to Genosha. Meeting his biological mother, Madelyne Pryor, Cable presumably wanted to warn the mutant inhabitants of Genosha about the impending attack, suggesting that he is set on reversing the tragedy. While Cable was too late this time, it could be assumed that he will simply go back in time again, warning the X-Men earlier, and enabling Genosha to perhaps be evacuated. This would save hundreds of mutants, including Magneto and Gambit themselves, meaning their deaths may not be the end.

Cable made his X-Men: The Animated Series debut in season 1, episode 7, “Slave Island,” back in 1992. This episode saw X-Men members Storm, Gambit and Jubilee head to Genosha for the first time.

There would have been very little reason for Cable to appear in the moments before the Sentinel’s attack on Genosha if he wasn’t trying to change the past. Cable’s ability to travel through time makes this possible, and since X-Men ’97 has already been putting attention on Cable’s origin story, being the child of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, though also being connected to Jean Grey, it’s likely he’ll have a bigger role in X-Men ’97’s upcoming episodes. This could easily see Magneto and Gambit returning from the dead, but could also help to solve other issues within the X-Men.

Cable’s Return Can Resolve Cyclops’ X-Men ’97 Arc

Cyclops and Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor in X-Men '97

X-Men ’97 episode 3 revealed Jean Grey to actually be a clone of the original X-Men member, created by Mister Sinister to birth a son with Scott Summers’ Cyclops. Once the truth was revealed, Jean’s clone became the Goblin Queen, while Sinister conducted experiments on the newborn Nathan Summers, inadvertently infecting him with a techno-organic virus. Once the day had been saved, Scott and the real Jean Grey sent Nathan into the future with Bishop to find a cure, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their unusual relationship while Scott’s son would ultimately grow up to be Cable.

Scott Summers was shown to be suffering with his recent experiences in X-Men ’97 episode 5, particularly when being interviewed, but Cable’s return in the series’ upcoming episodes could help to calm him down. Currently, the only character who knows Cable’s true identity is Madelyne Pryor, who was presumably killed during the attack on Genosha. When the other X-Men members realize the truth, a stronger connection to Cable will be established, and Scott and Jean may fall into their father and mother roles easily. X-Men ’97 episode 5 may have marked tragedy, but good things may be on the way.

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