X-Men ’97’s Hidden Message Sparks Speculation on Magneto’s Survival

Although Magneto seemingly gave his life protecting mutants during the Fall of Genosha, X-Men ’97 secretly dropped a clue that he’s not actually dead.

Charles Xavier and Magneto Death in X-Men '97 Custom Image

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men ’97, episodes 5-6.

Despite the fallout and the apparent death of Magneto during X-Men ’97’s take on the Fall of Genosha, it’s recently been hinted that the Master of Magnetism may yet live. Having been entrusted by Professor Charles Xavier with the leadership of the X-Men, Magneto was also chosen to lead Genosha as its new chancellor, having motivated the United Nations to officially recognize the mutant island nation. Although Magneto seems to have been one of the fallen during the subsequent attack on Genosa from a colossal Wild Sentinel, Magneto’s survival is teased in X-Men ’97 episode 6.

As seen in X-Men ’97 episode 6, it’s confirmed that the healing abilities of the Shi’ar Empire were successful, and Professor Charles Xavier is alive and well. However, he’s still in the far reaches of space as the consort of Empress Lilandra. Although Xavier was nearly about to renounce Earth and all his memories of the X-Men for the sake of Lilandra, he then feels all the deaths at the hands of the Wild Sentinel on Genosha via his psychic powers. As such, Xavier’s specific reaction and shock provide the biggest clue that Magneto may yet live in X-Men ’97.

Charles Xavier Seeing Gambit & Not Magneto Is A Major Hint

Xavier Felt The Fall of Genosha (And All The Lives Lost)

Xavier Shocked By The Fall of Genosha In X-Men '97

At the end of X-Men ’97 episode 6, Professor Xavier falls into his classic role of teacher, trying to convince the Shi’ar to shift their imperialist principles. Bringing multiple Shi’ar minds into his own, Xavier’s lesson is interrupted by the Fall of Genosha. Despite happening on Earth, Xavier clearly feels Genosha’s extremely high death toll at the hands of the Wild Sentinel. To that end, a vision of Gambit appears before Xavier. Having died destroying the Sentinel, Remy LeBeau’s murder is confirmed when his massive form transforms into a skeleton (to the Professor’s horror), mirroring the countless corpses seated below.

On the one hand, it makes sense that the death of one of Xavier’s X-Men would be most prominent in his mind once he felt the tragedy happening on Earth. After all, he does consider the mutant heroes to be his children. However, it can also be argued that had Magneto actually died as he appears to on Genosha in X-Men ’97 episode 5, one could assume that Xavier’s oldest and dearest would have appeared in his mind and been most prominent instead.

One Xavier Line Adds To The Theory Magneto Survived

“I Wish To Remember Him”

Charles Xavier and Gladiator Discuss Kipling

The idea that a true Magneto death would have been more important to Xavier is supported by a line from the Professor earlier in X-Men ’97 episode 6. In a key sequence, Xavier needs to decide whether to renounce his memories of Earth and the X-Men in favor of ruling by Lilandra’s side. During this time, he has a conversation with Gladiator, the leader of the Shi’ar’s Imperial Guard who reminds the Professor of his old friend Magneto.

Confirming that he “wishes to remember” Magneto, it’s confirmed that Erik Lensherr was specifically on the Professor’s mind just before he felt all the deaths. To that end, this reinforces the idea that Magneto’s death would likely have been the first thing Xavier felt had the Master of Magnetism actually been killed by Genosha’s Wild Sentinel. Instead, it stands to reason that Magneto is still alive, and there are some strong theories as to how he survived the Wild Sentinel’s devastating energy attack.

How Magneto Could Be Alive In X-Men ’97

Did Leech Save The Master of Magnetism?

Magneto speaks to Leech in their final moments during the Sentinel attack on Genosha in X-Men '97

First and foremost, the original comics’ Fall of Genosha, seen in Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s New X-Men, featured Magneto’s apparent death, only for it to be revealed that his followers saved him. As such, the same has likely happened in X-Men ’97. Seen shielding members of the Morlocks for as long as he could, the Wild Sentinel eventually stopped firing its energy beam with the confirmation that the “Omega-level threat” had been eliminated.

The Wild Sentinel provided the implied confirmation that Magneto had been slain. However, it’s important to note that Leech was in Magneto’s arms, a mutant with the ability to negate other mutants’ powers. This could explain the Sentinel’s scan, while also opening the door for Magneto to have been saved by the Morlocks which could be revealed in future episodes of X-Men ’97, an idea that’s certainly supported by Xavier seeing Gambit instead of Erik in this most recent episode.

New episodes of X-Men ’97 release Wednesdays on Disney+.

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