X-Men ‘97: Operation Zero Tolerance Can Bring Back The Avengers to the Series After the Cute Captain America Cameo in Episode 7

The show might be gearing up to not only get the Avengers involved in the show, but also bring the Fantastic Four into the fold.

Captain America cameo in episode 7 of Xmen '97

This article contains spoilers for X-Men ’97.

Bastion is the latest villain the X-Men will be fighting in X-Men ’97, with the character having declared war on mutant-kind as of Tolerance is Extinction Part 1. Magneto responded to the Prime Sentinel attacks with a declaration of war on his own, one that would cause the X-Men to take the fight to Magneto to prevent him from waging an all-out war on humanity.

X-Men '97

Magneto in X-Men ’97

While the X-Men battle with Magneto, series creator Beau DeMayo has dropped some hints as to where the story might be headed. The writer/producer has been recommending episodes and specific storylines from the comics to fans in preparation for the coming installments of the season, and his latest recommendation might just see X-Men ’97 assemble The Avengers in its second season.

The confrontation between Magneto and Charles Xavier might give rise to an unbeatable threat


Onslaught as he appears in Marvel Comics

Magneto’s assault on humanity comes to a halt when the X-Men show up to battle him in Fatal Attractions, a comic book storyline that Beau DeMayo has recommended for fans to read ahead of next week’s episode. Speculated to be the road map for the coming episode, the storyline sees Magneto enter a coma after Professor X mindwipes the master of magnetism, in retaliation for ripping Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton out of his body.

However, the Professor’s assault on Magneto’s psyche results in the birth of a dangerous psychic entity, called Onslaught, who will have the abilities of both Magneto and Professor X, but taken to an absurd degree. This threat, not only poses a problem for mutants but has the sole objective of wiping out humanity, essentially being incarnate of anxieties that mutants have with human beings.

It took more than just the X-Men to defeat Onslaught

X-Men '97

The X-Men in Episode 1 of X-Men ’97

Onslaught was an entity that posed a threat to the whole of humanity, which mobilized a slew of mutants to fight it to protect Earth. The X-Men were not enough to face the threat, such that other superhero teams had to assist the mutants in taking them down.

The Avengers, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four were all involved in taking the psychic entity down, all of whom we know exist in this version of the Marvel Universe. Should the plot points laid out in Fatal Attractions be followed through, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four might see themselves make an extended appearance in Season of X-Men ’97, where they would aid the mutants in fighting and destroying Onslaught.

X-Men ’97 has already teased the Avengers in the form of Captain America and Spider-Man making an appearance in the show. We also know that characters like Captain Marvel and Black Panther exist in this universe and have made small cameos in various episodes, so a version of the team can definitely make an appearance in the show to assist the mutants in slaying Onslaught.

X-Men ’97 can be streamed on Disney+.

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