X-Men ‘97: Onslaught is Inevitable But Beau DeMayo’s Departure is Bad News for Season 2 for More Than One Reason

The show’s second season has allegedly been written by DeMayo already, but without him to see it through, fans are anxious about Season 2.

Xmen' 97 Onslaught

This article contains apoilrs for X-Men ’97.

X-Men ’97 has received a lot of applause from its fans for its writing and direction, with a heap of praise being showered on Beau DeMayo, the series creator and head writer for the show. While DeMayo’s work has been on display with Season 1, the fears for Season 2 have been palpable among fans, especially given the story the show is looking to adapt.

X-Men '97, Beau DeMayo

Given that Wolverine has had the adamantium from his skeleton removed, a scene right from the pages of Uncanny X-Men: Fatal Attractions, it is safe to assume the presence of Onslaught is looming ever so largely in the coming chapters of X-Men ’97. However, it is a little concerning that the villain might be making his way into the X-Men, which could hurt the brand more than anything.

Beau DeMayo’s exit might not bode well for Onslaught’s entry into X-Men ’97


After Magneto severely cripples Wolverine, Charles Xavier mindwipes Magnet, with Onslaught emerging as the psychic entity born from the melding of Xavier’s and Magneto’s psyche. Despite having an origin that most of the fandom finds interesting, Onslaught as an antagonist and character failed to impress fans, and with Beau DeMayo‘s departure, X-Men ’97 Season 2 looks like it might just undo all the goodwill the first season has managed to build with fans.

Onslaught’s storyline is one that did not sit well with fans, and there are anxieties in the fandom that Beau DeMayo’s departure might result in a Season 2 that is subpar, given that the source material had a slew of narrative problems in it. DeMayo’s presence as head writer would have ensured that the X-Men ’97 writing remained at the level of quality that fans have come to expect from it. However, without him, it is possible that Season 2 could fall into the wrong hands, who might not be able to do Onslaught justice.

X-Men ’97 could pivot to a different villain in Season 2

Mister Sinister

Season 1 of X-Men ’97 could show us a different angle to the onslaught story and could marry it with with current comic book run of the X-Men series. For example, while Bastion is the main antagonist of the season, one of his lieutenants is Mister Sinister, who has entered into the business of manufacturing mutant chimeras, which are mutants who have abilities that sprout from multiple X-genes.

Given that Onslaught is usually depicted as a fusion of Charles Xavier and Magneto, the villain could be reimagined as a chimera made by Sinister from the battlefields where the X-Men fight Magneto, which could foreshadow the Sins of Sinister storyline in X-Men ’97, bringing the characters into the modern age of the X-Men comics.

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