X-Men ’97 Meets the Strongest Villain, Deadpool & Wolverine Are Ready to Save the World

The reveal of X-Men ’97’s mastermind villain in episode 6 means that an upcoming live-action MCU villain will have an even more powerful entrance.

Deadpool in the MCU and Mister Sinister in X-Men '97

The mastermind behind the attack on Genosha was revealed in X-Men ’97 episode 6, and this confirmation means that Marvel Studios’ own exciting mutant adversary will have an even more powerful MCU debut in Phase 5’s Deadpool & Wolverine. Marvel Studios Animation’s X-Men team have faced a number of villains already in X-Men ’97, a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, which previously ran for five seasons between 1992 and 1997. While Jean Grey battled Madelyne Pryor, Storm took on the Adversary, and Jubilee fought Mojo, the villain behind X-Men ’97’s attack on Genosha remained a mystery until episode 6.

X-Men ’97 episode 5, “Remember It,” adapted elements of Marvel Comics’ E is for Extinction event from 2001. This storyline saw the mutant nation of Genosha attacked by Sentinel robots under the control of a major villain, leading to the genocide of 16 million mutants. In X-Men ’97, this marked the demise of countless mutants, including X-Men members Magneto and Gambit, but the mastermind behind the attack was kept hidden. The ending of X-Men ’97 episode 6, “Lifedeath – Part 2,” finally revealed the culprit behind the attack, allowing one upcoming live-action MCU villain to have a more unique introduction.

X-Men ’97’s Overarching Villain Has Been Revealed

Mister Sinister being defeated in X-Men '97

Following X-Men ’97 episode 5’s dramatic events, theories emerged suggesting several villains who could have been responsible for the attack on Genosha. Marvel Comics’ E is for Extinction event showcased the power of Cassandra Nova, leading some to believe she could have been behind the devastation. However, Cable’s appearance led some to speculate that Apocalypse could be revealed as the mastermind. X-Men ’97 episode 6 confirmed the true culprit to be Mister Sinister, however, suggesting that the twisted villain is, indeed, the overarching antagonist of the entire series, as he already made an impact in episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh.”

It was previously revealed X-Men ’97’s Mister Sinister had swapped Jean Grey for a clone, Madelyne Pryor, in hopes of infecting Pryor and Scott Summers’ son, Nathan Summers, with a techno-organic virus in the hopes of making him invincible. Sinister unleashed the Goblin Queen, though was bested by the X-Men after they convinced Pryor to join them. X-Men ’97 episode 6 revealed Sinister used the DNA of Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask to assume control of the robots and attack Genosha, though his motivations and intentions are still unclear, as this seems to go against his goals of experimentation and evolution.

Cassandra Nova’s Deadpool & Wolverine Debut Will Be Completely Unique

The back of Cassandra Nova's head in Deadpool & Wolverine's trailer

Mister Sinister being the overarching villain of X-Men ’97 is brilliant, not only because it creates a clear storyline through the series, with Sinister popping up in several adventures, but also because it creates the opportunity for one upcoming MCU villain to be more terrifying. In Marvel Comics, Cassandra Nova leads the attack on Genosha, but leaving her out of X-Men ’97 will benefit her debut in the MCU’s Deadpool & WolverineEmma Corrin is set to portray the complex X-Men villain in the MCU’s Phase 5, and this introduction can be more unique without being compared to X-Men ’97.

Not much is yet known about Cassandra Nova’s debut in Deadpool & Wolverine, but the fact that the villain hasn’t appeared in X-Men ’97, and has never made her live-action debut before, means Emma Corrin’s depiction can be completely original. There will be no comparison to versions of Cassandra Nova who could be seen as stronger or more impactful. This will give Emma Corrin much more freedom to bring their own persona to the exciting MCU villain, and gives Marvel Studios the chance to show the full range of Cassandra Nova’s power without fear of repeating stories from X-Men ’97.

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