X-Men ’97 Episode 10: Bursting with Easter Eggs & Surprising Marvel References

All 21 Marvel Easter Eggs & References In X-Men '97 Episode 10

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men ’97 episode 10

Magneto’s Children

Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Polaris

Rogue With Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Polaris in Magneto's Mind in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Within Magneto’s mind, Xavier shows Magnus that he still has people and family to care for despite his darkness and past trauma. Sailing on an ocean representing the cold reality of his past pain, three shadowed figures are standing next to Rogue. However, it’s quite easy to make out Magneto’s children with the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and even Polaris. As such, it would be very exciting if the trio were featured in future seasons of X-Men ’97 beyond this finale.

Morph Transforms Into Sauron

From The Savage Land

Morph as Sauron in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Arriving on Asteroid M after dealing with Mister Sinister, Morph briefly transforms into the dinosaur-like Sauron from the Savage Land. Having been teased once already during Jubilee and Sunspot’s videogame adventure, Sauron was a major foe in the original animated series. To that end, it’s fun seeing Morph turn into the classic dino-foe for a few seconds.

Morph Turns Into Mister Fantastic

Needing Reed Richards’ Flexibility

Morph as Mister Fantastic in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Later on when Asteroid M is being ripped apart, Morph transforms into Mister Fantastic before hanging onto something to keep from being sucked into the vacuum of space. Likewise, Morph turning into the leader of The Fantastic Four certainly helps prove that all of Marvel’s animated shows in the 90s do exist together in the same universe. While the moment is even shorter than turning into Sauron, it’s still a very exciting quasi-cameo nonetheless.

Radio Station 1996.06

Yet Another Onslaught Reference

Radio Onslaught Tease in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Listening to reports that the Magneto Protocol failed to intercept Asteroid M from falling to Earth, two civilians are in their car listening to 1999.06. Coincidentally, June 1996 was the same year in which Onslaught made his first appearance in Marvel Comics. As such, this was another tease for the villain who ultimately didn’t wasn’t created through Xavier’s mistakes by the end of X-Men ’97‘s finale.

Major Spider-Man Animated Series Cameos

Peter Parker, MJ, And Flash Thompson

Peter Parker, MJ, and Flash in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Amazingly and spectacularly, Spider-Man himself makes an appearance in X-Men ’97’s finale. Having had an in-costume Spider-Man cameo in previous X-Men ’97 episodes, the finale instead features Peter Parker watching the news with none other than Mary Jane Watson, all while Flash Thompson watches over Parker’s shoulder. However, the appearance of MJ is huge considering the unintended cliffhanger in The Amazing Spider-Man’s animated series finale where Mary Jane was still missing.

Forge’s Wall of Mutants

Mirroring Days of Future Past

Forge's Wall of Mutants in X-Men '97 Episode 10

After saving Asteroid M thanks to Xavier restoring Magneto’s mind, the vast majority of the X-Men were taken and sent through time. As such, Forge has his own board of mutant names and faces, not unlike the wall of wanted mutants seen on the classic cover art for the comics’ Days of Future Past. Featuring names both old and new, it seems Forge is looking to build a new team in the original X-Men’s absence.

It’s very exciting to see which mutant might be available for bigger roles in X-Men ’97 season 2, especially in the original team’s absence. Likewise, it’s also worth pointing out that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are both listed as off-world, a potential tease that they’re still members of the Avengers.

Graydon Creed For President?

Rising In The Polls

Graydon Creed pointing in X-Men The Animated Series

A radio broadcast confirms that the events of “E-Day” have led to a public lack of faith in President Kelly’s leadership. However, it also reports that Graydon Creed is rising in the polls. Having been a leading member of the Friends of Humanity in the original animated series, Graydon Creed is one of the biggest anti-mutant voices, even though he’s the son of both Sabretooth and Mystique.

Half of The X-Men Encounter Young Apocalypse

In The Ancient Past

Young Apocalypse in X-Men '97 Episode 10

Finding themselves in Ancient Egypt, Magneto, Beast, Xavier, Rogue, and Nightcrawler encounter young En Sabah Nur in the year 3000 B.C. As a result, it looks as though X-Men ’97 season 2 will be very focused on Apocalypse. However, it won’t just be about his past as En Sabah Nur.

Jean and Cyclops Encounter Clan Askani

The Far Future

Jean and Cyclops in The Far Future in X-Men '97 episode 10

Surprisingly, Jean Grey and Cyclops find themselves flung to the far future in the year 3960 A.D. Meeting the Askani Clan, Jean and Scott are shocked to meet a young Nathan Summers standing before them. As such, this suggests that Apocalypse’s future and war with Cable will also be a large focus of the second season, right alongside his origins in Ancient Egypt.

Apocalpyse Teases Gambit’s Return

A Dark Horseman Of Death

Gambit Speaks in X-Men 97 and Apocalypse Preparing for Battle in X-Men The Animated Series

X-Men ’97 episode 10 also features an incredibly exciting post-credit scene, one that shows Apocalypse in the present among the ruins of Genosha. Holding a damaged Queen of Hearts in his hand, it’s being teased the Apocalypse will bring Gambit back from the dead as one of his new Horsemen. As seen in the original comics, Gambit temporarily becomes Apocalypse’s Angel of Death with white hair and black skin. As a result, the same may be in the works for Remy LeBeau in X-Men ’97 season 2.

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