Who Is Lady Deadpool? Powers & Marvel Comics History Explained

Lady Deadpool may enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool & Wolverine; here’s everything viewers need to know. The film has been rumored to contain countless cameos and appearances from comic book characters and actors from the Marvel multiverse, and a new teaser suggested this female iteration of the Merc With a Mouth may be featured in the movie. Rumored for months, including suggested casting options, Lady Deadpool would make a lot of sense considering everything known about Deadpool & Wolverine. Traveling the multiverse, it seems inevitable that variants of Wade Wilson will appear.

Although the comics character was based in part on Ryan Reynolds’ real-life wife Blake Lively, which would be an appropriate casting for the character in the MCU, it is unclear if the actress will appear in Deadpool & Wolverine. Others have speculated that Taylor Swift may be Lady Deadpool, but reports have since debunked the pop star’s involvement. Regardless, if the provided tease from the latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer is anything to go off of, it would appear that Wanda Wilson may be joining the MCU soon – here’s what you need to know.

Lady Deadpool’s Marvel Comics History Explained

The Wade Wilson Variant Debuted In 2010

Lady Deadpool Marvel Comics

From Earth-3010, Wanda Wilson, AKA Lady Deadpool, first appeared in the comic books in 2010 and has been rumored for movie appearances since 2016’s Deadpool. Created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld, the multiversal iteration of Wade Wilson has been featured in several comics since, most significantly in the “Lady Deadpool vs. General America” and “Deadpool Corps” stories. In Earth-3010, there is an uprising against the loyalist government in the United States that the character joins. Much of her conflict is built up against a Captain America variant on the government’s side known as General America.

During this storyline, Wanda is partly motivated by a crush on Charles Randolph, which drives much of her participation in the fight. While the character is a variant, this superficial motivation reflects her personality being similar to Wade’s. Wanda Wilson tends to be annoying, making many of her relationships difficult. Her humor is crass like Deadpool’s, which is an interesting revelation considering Blake Lively wrote some of Deadpool‘s jokes. She experienced many of the same trials and tribulations as the 616 hero, including a battle with cancer. While originally depicted with scars, the character generally no longer appears that way.

Lady Deadpool’s Powers Explained

The Marvel Character’s Skillset Is Familiar

Lady Deadpool with a teddy eating pizza in Marvel Comics

Like Wade, Wanda has the mutant power of regeneration. Unlike Wade, she is not currently featured with the same deformed appearance. She has superhuman speed and reflexes and is immune to various forces, such as telepathy and disease, just like her Earth-616 counterpart. In most ways, Wanda’s powers and abilities are the same as Wade’s. However, some differences tend to make the character appear to be a more sane and stable version of Deadpool.

Due to her training in the uprising against General America and the US government, Lady Deadpool has more coordinated fighting ability than Deadpool. Joining the resistance forces taught her to use her pistols and katanas when fighting in a team and made her a force to be reckoned with. Due to her stability and less-deformed appearance, the character is looked upon positively and has occasionally been considered as a group leader over Deadpool himself. Despite this, the heroine is believed to have slightly lower physical strength than her male counterpart.

Lady Deadpool’s Role In Deadpool & Wolverine Explained

Wanda Wilson’s Part In The MCU Film Will Likely Be Small

Deadpool and Wolverine in comic-accurate costumes in Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine will tell a multiverse-hopping story centered around the titular heroes working together to save the universe. With the meta-narrative of Disney acquiring Fox and its subsidiaries and this film being a Marvel Studios feature, it has been speculated that this will end with 616’s Deadpool as the only remaining variant within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the trailer showed glimpses of the TVA and multiversal iterations of characters like Cassandra Nova, it has been speculated that other variants of the heroes will appear.

Lady Deadpool makes sense here as a new version of the Wade Wilson character. While exactly what the heroes are fighting against in the film is unclear, Lady Deadpool has been defined by her battles and allegiances. Teaming up with the Marvel heroes is pulled straight from the “Deadpool Corps” story in the comic books. Conversely, having Lady Deadpool as an antagonist could also pull appropriately from the “Deadpool Kills Deadpool” storylines.

Lady Deadpool’s MCU Tease Hints At Other Members Of The Deadpool Corps

Other Variants Have Already Been Teased In Deadpool & Wolverine

Wade Wilson with Lady Deadpool and Headpool Posing in the Deadpool Corps Team

In the comics, during a multiversal, galactic threat, Deadpool is tasked with assembling a team that becomes the Deadpool Corps. This team includes Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, Kidpool, and others, along with multiversal reiterations of these characters. With the trailers already showing Dogpool and Lady Deadpool, and the plot of Deadpool & Wolverine resembling the Deadpool Corps storyline from the comics, it seems likely that other Deadpool iterations, like Headpool, may even come to join the fight.

Unfortunately, this suggestion of the Deadpool Corps does not bode well for the heroes. While it could be exciting to see a team of Deadpools, including Lady Deadpool, set up to take down a multiversal threat, the original story of the comic ends with all of these Deadpool variants being killed. As a result, this situation does not look hopeful for Lady Deadpool and the rest of the multiversal characters to persist in any meaningful way in the MCU. Audiences can expect sequences like the X-Force scene in Deadpool 2 to dispose of these characters soon after they are introduced.

Whether or not the character appears in Deadpool & Wolverine, Lady Deadpool will likely appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. Iterating on existing characters has become a new Marvel trend, especially evidenced by all the variants that appeared in Loki, and the Illuminati that appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As such, whether it’s in Deadpool & Wolverine or a future MCU movie, Wanda Wilson is an interesting hero that would make great sense in the franchise.

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