“Whatever Beau DeMayo did to get fired must be really bad”: X-Men ‘97 Season 3 Seals the Fate for DeMayo’s Return as Marvel Update Upsets Fans After Flawless First Season

Latest Update About Beau DeMayo’s X-Men ’97 Shocks Fans as the Series Moves Forward.

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Marvel Studios shocked the world when it released the animated television series, X-Men ’97. A continuation of the original X-Men: The Animated Series, the show defied expectations with its impeccable premise, well-crafted characters, and an intriguing storyline from start to end. Developed by Beau DeMayo, the series is gearing up for the release of its second season while the third is being written.

X-Men '97

Ousted by Marvel even before the series’ release, creator DeMayo is not attached to the project anymore. And fans are convinced his time with Marvel is done and dusted after receiving the update regarding season three of X-Men ’97.

Beau DeMayo Has No Chance of Coming Back After This Update from Marvel

Beau DeMayo

Beau DeMayo has worked with Marvel for a number of projects, but his X-Men ’97 truly pushed the boundaries of storytelling. Hailed for being true to the original series, X-Men ’97 received wide acclaim from fans and critics for its visionary storytelling and how it catered to fans’ expectations about the treatment of mutant-kind.

Despite creating one of the best Marvel projects of all time and apparently proving that Marvel is more than capable of handling ‘mutants’, Marvel Studios fired DeMayo before the release of X-Men ’97 for reasons undisclosed (see The Hollywood Reporter). Rumors have it that the writer-creator was hard to work with (see Reddit).

As things continue to remain shrouded with mystery, it is a known fact that Beau DeMayo has completed work for the upcoming season 2 of the series. Yet, fans had hoped that Marvel would at least involve him in some form with season 3 of the series after seeing the flawless first season.

However, as per the recent update, via Deadline, What If…? writer Matthew Chauncey has been roped in to write the third season of X-Men ’97. As the news went viral, fans are convinced there is no hope of Mayo ever returning to the world of Marvel Universe.

Marvel Fans React to X-Men ’97’s Season 3 Update

X-Men ‘97

Matthew Chauncey has shown off his talents in Marvel Studios What If…? series and even worked on the live-action and highly-acclaimed Ms. Marvel series. Alongside the director Jake Castorena, Chauncey will now be writing the third season of Beau DeMayo’s X-Men ’97.

With the brilliant work of DeMayo, fans held hope that he might one day return. But seeing that the writer has seemingly no chance of ever working for Marvel Studios again, fans are convinced that season 3 is sure to be a disappointment.

This unexpected turn of events surrounding the third season of X-Men ’97 has left fans feeling uncertain about the show’s future. Despite the initial excitement and positive reception of the series, the recent developments have turned out to dampen the joy of the series’ splendid performance and the upcoming seasons.

Yet, only time will tell how the recent changes behind the scenes will impact the beloved animated series in the future.

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