Venom: The Last Dance Trailer Breakdown – 10 Biggest Reveals & Teases

Venom The Last Dance Trailer Reveals Horse and Xenophage Custom Marvel Image

Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, looking to be the final chapter of Tom Hardy’s symbiote trilogy which began in 2018. Featuring both Eddie Brock and Venom as wanted fugitives, it looks as though the symbiotic duo will be on the run from both humans and symbioses alike. As such, Venom 3’s new trailer features some key reveals and teases for the upcoming movie.

Set to release in October, Venom: The Last Dance is Tom Hardy’s third outing as the classic Marvel Comics anti-hero Venom. However, that doesn’t include Venom’s brief cameo appearance in the MCU at the end of 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. To that end, here are the top 10 biggest reveals and teases for Venom: The Last Dance, including connections to Eddie and Venom’s brief trip to the MCU.

10. Venom 3 Will Begin Shortly After No Way Home’s Post-Credits

Eddie’s Wearing The Same Clothes

Venom and Eddie Brock In Desert Last Dance

At the beginning of Venom: The Last Dance’s first trailer, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is wearing the same clothes he was wearing both in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and in Spider-Man: No Way Home when he and his symbiote were inadvertently transported to the MCU thanks to Doctor Strange’s botched spell. However, Eddie and Brock were not involved in the events of No Way Home seeing as Eddie was instead drunk in Mexico. While they planned to go find Spider-Man, the duo was instead sent back thanks to the new spell cast by Strange as seen No Way Home’s post-credits.

As a result, it looks as though the beginning of The Last Dance will feature Eddie and Venom still in Mexico before finding themselves in the sights of a new military outfit seemingly tasked with the study and containment of symbiotes. Likewise, it seems as though more symbioses will be making their way to Earth as well. To that end, it looks as though Eddie might be stuck with his Mexico threads and crocs for a significant portion of the movie.

9. There’s At Least One Scene Set In The MCU

The Fate of The Symbiote Piece Revealed

MCU Symbiote In Venom 3

While Eddie and Venom were sent back to their own universe at the end of No Way Home, a piece of Venom’s symbiote was left behind at the bar in the MCU. As such, this seemingly opened the door for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to eventually interact with Venom. However, the trailer for The Last Dance reveals a different fate for the piece of Venom.

In the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, the bartender from No Way Home (Ted Lasso’s Cristóbal Fernández) is about to touch the symbiote, only for Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character to trap it in a containment tube. Playing some sort of military commander connected to this new organization studying symbiotes, it seems as though Ejiofor and his forces can travel across dimensions seeing as how they’re later featured pursuing Eddie and Venom. Either that, or the symbiote fragment did indeed travel back to a parallel bar in Venom’s universe, complete with an identical variant of Fernandez’ bartender (which would be very confusing).

8. Venom: The Last Dance Teases More Captured Symbiotes

Were They Searching For Venom?

Symbiote in Venom The Last Dance

At a remote military facility, multiple symbiotes are featured in containment units. Revealing that this group’s goal is to keep the truth about extraterrestrial life a secret from the public, it looks as though capturing Eddie and Venom is a top priority. Likewise, the group’s implied leading scientist is played by Juno Temple (Fargo and also Ted Lasso).

Seeing as how Venom is confirmed to be a fugitive in the eyes of his own symbiotic species known as the Kylntar, perhaps these new symbiotes had been tasked with finding Venom, only to be captured before they could. These do seem to be brand-new symbiotes in The Last Dance, seeing as how the ones captured by the Life Foundation in the first Venom were all destroyed aside from Venom himself.

7. Venom 3 Sets Up Patrick Mulligan’s Toxin

The Spawn Of Carnage And Venom

Patrick Mulligan Toxin in Venom 3

The end of Let There Be Carnage teased the origins of Detective Patrick Mulligan (Stephen Graham) as Toxin. In the comics, Toxin was the 100th symbiote spawned from the same lineage as Venom and Carnage. To that end, Toxin is meant to be far more powerful than the average symbiote.

To that end, it’s revealed that the military/science organization in The Last Dance has captured Mulligan who looks to have bonded with Toxin. While the Toxin symbiote has yet to be featured in full, it’s clear that Mulligan is fighting the symbiotic bond. That said, a full takeover with Mulligan as Toxin’s first host will likely be imminent with the movie’s release in October, potentially becoming a key antagonist for Venom.

6. The Klyntar Are Coming For Venom In The Last Dance

Venom Is A Wanted Alien Fugitive

Venom and Riot

As meteors fall to Earth from orbit, Venom tells Eddie in The Last Dance’s trailer that his home has found them. This suggests that a Kylntar invasion could very well be underway. As such, it will likely be a force that only Venom and Eddie will be able to stop unless they get some help potentially from Toxin should he prove himself to be an ally rather than a foe.

At any rate, preventing more symbiotes from finding Earth was something Eddie and Venom were able to delay by defeating Riot in the first Venom movie. However, it seems as though it was only a matter of time before Venom was found. After all, the symbiote race known as the Klyntar is connected via an intricate hivemind in the comics, one that Venom does indeed reference at the end of Let There Be Carnage.

5. Venom: The Last Dance Teases A Major Sequence In Las Vegas

Reuniting With Mrs. Chen

Las Vegas In Venom The Last Dance

While a good portion of The Last Dance sees Eddie and Venom in the desert, it looks as though they’ll eventually make their way to Las Vegas. Featured wearing a tuxedo, the purpose behind Eddie and Venom’s goal in Vegas is unknown. However, they do reunite with none other than Mrs. Chen (Peggy Lu) who ran the convenience store near Eddie’s apartment and was well aware of Venom after he and Eddie helped save her store from being robbed in the first movie.

Most recently, Mrs. Chen had a brief cameo in Sony’s Across the Spider-Verse, helping establish that Venom’s reality does exist as part of the greater Spider-Verse/Marvel multiverse. Now, it looks as though she’ll be enjoying a vacation at a Las Vegas casino before reuniting with Eddie. There’s even a sequence in the trailer where she’s briefly shown dancing with Venom himself.

4. Rhys Ifans Has A Confusing Role In Venom 3

He Doesn’t Seem To Be Curt Connors’ Lizard

Rhys Ifans in Venom The Last Dance

At one point, it does look as though a family will pick up Eddie/Venom in the desert and give them a ride to Vegas. However, it’s worth noting that the father is being played by none other than Rhys Ifans who played Doctor Curt Connors aka The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man. Having recently been featured in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home along with other Spider-Man villains who found themselves in the MCU, Ifans’ new role in The Last Dance is quite confusing.

Having both arms, a wife, and two children, it doesn’t seem as though Ifans is playing Connors in Venom 3. While there is a chance that he could be playing a variant who never became a scientist turned tragically mutated villain and instead chose van life with his family, it would certainly be odd. Instead, it seems far more likely that Ifans is playing a wholly new character with no regard to his far more significant role in the Spider-Verse (a casting decision that will no doubt be confusing and frustrating for fans).

3. Venom May Be Fighting A Symbiote-Killing Monster

Perhaps A Xenophage From The Comics

Xenophage Attacking Venom In The Last Dance

There are multiple sequences in which a giant alien monster is seen attacking both Venom as well as the military base. It could be a version of the comics’ Grendel, a massive symbiote dragon sent to Earth and was created billions of years ago by Knull the Symbiote God. However, it could also be a new alien species from the comics known as a Xenophage, a symbiote-killing creature with a taste for Klyntar host brains. There certainly seems to be more of a passing resemblance to the latter.

2. Venom Can Bond With Non-Human Beings

Horse Mode Activated

Venom Horse And Eddie Brock in Last Dance

A key final sequence at the end of Venom 3’s first trailer is Eddie convincing Venom to bond with a horse. Confirming that Venom can indeed bond with non-humans, the horse becomes completely Venomized: black skin, teeth, tongue, and all. Additionally, there’s also a callback to the first Venom movie when Eddie loses his grip on the Venomized horse in midair, only for Venom to pull him back on with his tendrils just like the first movie’s motorcycle chase in San Francisco.

1. Venom 3 Teases Major Deaths

“Till Death Do They Part”

Eddie Brock and Venom In Last Dance

As the last chapter of Sony’s Venom trilogy, it does seem as though a major death is in the works for The Last Dance, and perhaps more than one. While “The Last Dance” is certainly a foreboding subtitle on its own, the tagline for the movie is “Till Death Do They Part”. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising if either Eddie and/or Venom ended up sacrificing themselves to save the world, either from the Klyntar or something worse that’s yet to be revealed in this first trailer.

Venom: The Last Dance is set to release on October 25th, 2024

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