“Venom Horse” Puts My Favorite Part of The Comics In Venom: The Last Dance

Venom Horse” Puts My Favorite Part of The Comics In Venom: The Last Dance

The “Venom-Horse” at the end of Venom: The Last Dance’s first trailer puts my favorite part about Marvel Comics’ symbiotes on the big screen. While the Venom symbiote began as a sentient alien suit for Spider-Man in the original Marvel Comics, it’s since expanded into an entire alien race that has seeped its way into every facet of the Marvel Universe at some point or other. To that end, I’m very excited by what I see in the first look at Venom: The Last Dance, especially given the confirmation that it will be the final film in the Sony Pictures franchise.

At the end of the first trailer for Venom 3, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock asks the Venom symbiote how fast he could make a horse run before killing it. This results in one of the most ridiculously epic moments in the entire Venom franchise, with the symbiote bonding with a horse rather than a typical human host. This also ties nicely with the full capabilities of the Klyntar race from the comics, suggesting that all kinds of symbiote mayhem may be in store for the final Venom movie when it releases this October.

Venom: The Last Dance’s “Venom Horse” Is All The Symbiote Weirdness I Want From The Movies

Exploring The Possibilities And Limits of Symbiote Bonding

Venom Horse And Eddie Brock in Last Dance

Naturally, one of the biggest moments from Venom: The Last Dance’s first trailer was the “Venom-Horse” scene. Upon bonding, the horse gains all the classic Venom attributes, complete with black alien skin, white eyes, rows of teeth, and a long tongue. It also means that the horse’s power, strength, and speed have all been greatly amplified by the Venom symbiote, providing Eddie with boosted transportation through the desert. They even mirror the mid-air motorcycle moment from the first Venom movie when Eddie loses his grip and starts falling away, only for Venom to grab and pull Brock back on with his symbiote tendrils.

While Brock’s symbiote did briefly bond with a dog in the first Venom movie, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as this new bond with a horse in Venom 3. To that end, it’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for with the Venom franchise where the boundaries and true potential of symbiotes are explored to a greater degree. After all, this is something Marvel Comics has been excelling at in recent years given Venom’s massive appeal as one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes.

Marvel Comics Has A Long History of “Venomizing” Everything (And Everyone)

Everyone Was Venom At Some Point

Venomized Marvel Heroes in King in Black

Eddie Brock and Venom have one of the strongest Klyntar/Human bonds in the Marvel Universe. However, that doesn’t mean that other Marvel heroes can’t get “Venomized” as well. Every once in a while, Marvel Comics will release a new series or debut some kind of crossover event where symbiotes are the true star, bonding with a wide roster of characters to reveal what they’d look like with the signature Venom style.

One of the most famous in-continuity stories is 2020’s King in Black event where Knull the Symbiote God was freed and covered the entire world in symbiotes to corrupt heroes and overtake the world with symbiote dragons. However, there have also been plenty of What If…? series and one-shots involving symbiotes who bond with different characters beyond Spider-Man and Eddie Brock. Even the cutest of Marvel characters have been briefly “Venomized”, including Baby Groot and Jeff the Land Shark.

Alien symbiotes are a simple yet enduring Marvel Comics concept that often provides very entertaining results. A personal favorite is Venomized Wolverine, as well as the ongoing journey of Black Widow who currently possesses a symbiote in the comics ahead of August’s upcoming VenomWar crossover. As such, I do feel as though Venom 3’s horse scene is a small yet exciting tease of what’s to come in the full movie, mirroring just how outside-the-box symbiotes can truly be.

Venom: The Last Dance’s Trailer Promises The Dramatic Conclusion The Trilogy Deserves

Saving The World From Symbiote Invasion

Symbiotes in a lab in Venom The Last Dance

The trailer for Venom: The Last Dance also features a shot where multiple objects are entering Earth’s orbit from space while Venom tells Eddie that his home has finally found them. This suggests that even more symbiotes are on their way, potentially to take over the planet which was the very thing Eddie and Venom tried to prevent in the first movie by defeating the symbiote Riot who’d bonded with the Life Foundation’s CEO Carton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Now, it seems as though Sony’s version of the Lethal Protector will have to save the world from a full-on Klyntar invasion.

While I don’t want to get my hopes up, I am hoping that Venom will be forced to face all kinds of different symbiotes beyond just a singular foe. Beyond the ones likely falling from space, there are confirmed symbiotes that have already been contained by the movie’s new science/military outfit that’s seemingly being run by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Juno Temple’s characters. Likewise, Marvel Comics’ Toxin has also been teased, the offspring of Carnage teased at the end of Let There Be Carnage who’s currently bonded with Detective Patrick Mulligan (Stephen Graham) who’s also in custody.

Combined with the giant alien monster in Venom 3’s trailer which looks to be a symbiote-killing alien known as a Xenophage, I really want to see Venom joining forces with certain symbiotes. Toxin certainly seems like a top contender who could perhaps be convinced to team up with Eddie and his other. At any rate, this first trailer does suggest that Venom 3 will be a very dramatic conclusion for the trilogy, showing symbiotes at their most versatile as they are in the comics.

Why Venom: The Last Dance Deserves To Get As Weird As Possible With Its Symbiotes

Because It’s The LAST Dance

Eddie Brock speaking to Venom in Venom The Last Dance

At the end of the day, I’m really just hoping that the Venom-Horse is simply the tip of the iceberg for what the full movie has in store. There’s so much that could be done with symbiotes, and the Venom movies have barely scratched the surface. Case in point, Venom could grow wings just as he did in the comics’ King in Black event and in Sony’s recent Spider-Man 2 video game. While I am admittedly miffed at what looks to be some multiversal fumbling with the MCU, the possibilities for symbiotes in live-action are nearly endless. To that end, I can’t wait to see what Venom: The Last Dance has in store when it comes to theaters.

Venom: The Last Dance is set to release on October 25th from Sony Pictures.

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