Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Will Break A 47-Year Spider-Man Movie Trend

Tom Holland's unmasked Spider-Man with posters for Spider-Man (2002) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Tom Holland is set to return for Spider-Man 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in doing so, the actor will finally break a Spider-Man movie trend that has lasted almost 50 years. Holland is one of the most popular stars in the MCU, especially since Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. retired from the franchise. It is easy to see why, as Spider-Man’s MCU movies have been some of the franchise’s best, with 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home being one of the biggest events in superhero movie history.

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s ending set up the path for Holland’s future as Peter Parker, with the character seemingly set to go back to basics, leaving Stark Tech behind. That will happen in the MCU’s Spider-Man 4, with Marvel and Sony currently hard at work figuring out what should be the story for the film and who will direct it. Given his fan-favorite status, Holland’s Spider-Man 4 was all but inevitable, and by bringing back the actor, Marvel and Sony will be making Holland the one to break a Spider-Man movie record.

Spider-Man Has Never Had A Fourth Movie In A Series Since 1977’s Film

Tom Holland Will Have The First Spider-Man 4

Three Spider-Men teaming up in Spider-Man No Way Home

While many fans might only be aware of the Spider-Man films from the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy onwards, the first movie for the wall-crawler actually came out in 1977. Serving as a pilot for The Amazing Spider-Man series, Nicholas Hammond played Peter Parker in 1977’s Spider-Man, which was turned into a theatrical film overseas. Two more Spider-Man movies — two-parter episodes of the series released as a film — were also sent to theaters overseas, which included 1978’s Spider-Man Strikes Back and 1979’s Spider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge, making it the first Spider-Man trilogy of sorts.

1978 also saw the release of the Japanese Spider-Man movie. Then came the more traditional live-action films for the hero, with Tobey Maguire’s character-defining Spider-Man trilogy. The actor was initially set to be the first to have a fourth Spider-Man movie; however, despite having been announced, Sony would cancel Maguire’s Spider-Man 4. Andrew Garfield led two The Amazing Spider-Man movies before it got to Holland’s time to shine in the MCU. With his next solo adventure as Peter Parker in active development, Holland will be the first star in 47 years to lead a fourth Spider-Man film.

Why The MCU Having The First Spider-Man 4 Is Even More Important

Peter Parker Never Stops

Tom Holland's Spider-Man during a fiery battle in Spider-Man Far From Home

The MCU will have the chance to be the first franchise with a fourth Spider-Man movie, and that is a huge deal. Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes in the world, with only DC’s Batman and Superman fighting him for the fans’ love. That, allied to how successful the many Spider-Man movies have been, guarantees that Holland’s Spider-Man 4 will be far from the last time the wall-crawler will be seen in theaters. In fact, it will most likely not even be the final movie in Holland’s MCU Spider-Man franchise.

As such, Marvel Studios beating the record is great, as it allows the MCU’s Spider-Man 4 to get all the attention it deserves and keeps the shared universe’s Spider-Man record growing for as long as Holland decides to continue leading Spider-Man films. While it has not been confirmed, there are rumors that the actor will be back for at least another Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU, which starts with the in-development Spider-Man 4. Beyond Holland’s Peter Parker, other actors will inevitably play Spider-Man in the future, but the MCU will always be the first to release a Spider-Man 4.

How Spider-Man 4 Can Honor Its Record-Breaking Status

The MCU Already Set The Perfect Path

Spider-Man No Way Home Ending Tom Holland Peter Parker

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s ending saw Doctor Strange cast a spell that made everyone forget who Peter Parker was. The MCU’s Spider-Man 4 will follow that, with Peter now living in a small apartment all by himself and not having access to Stark Tech anymore. This will bring the character back to basics, with some exciting street-level characters possibly making their way into the MCU’s Spider-Man franchise, perhaps capitalizing on the MCU’s growing Mayor Fisk storyline that will play out in Daredevil: Born Again.

Marvel and Sony are breaking a major franchise record with Holland’s Spider-Man 4, and the best way to honor that is to make it fit thematically. There have been rumors that Marvel wants a street-level story and Sony another multiverse eventSpider-Man 4 being a movie about new beginnings, setting up a new status quo for the MCU’s Peter Parker, with a new supporting cast, and perhaps a college setting would be for the best. It would cement the start of a new era for the character in more ways than one, which is perfect for the first Spider-Man 4.

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