Thor 5 Can Answer 3 Major MCU Questions At The Same Time If It Ends The Hero’s Story

Thor still hasn’t received closure in the MCU, and Thor 5 could answer plenty of questions if it’s the final chapter in the God of Thunder’s journey.

Images of Chris Hemsworth's Thor from Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor 5 can deliver closure to several Thor storylines if it’s his final chapter in the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder failed to reach the heights of its predacessor. Love and Thunder was a hit at the box office but didn’t stick the landing with critics and audiences. While Thor: Ragnarok took the character in a colorful, fresh, and hilarious direction, Love and Thunder went overboard with jokes, turning the God of Thunder into a comedian. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Hemsworth blamed himself for Thor 4‘s failures, saying he got “caught up in the improv and the wackiness.”

Marvel hasn’t confirmed Thor 5, but it would give Hemsworth a chance for redemption and an opportunity to end Thor’s 13-year MCU journey. Another Thor film could also answer other unresolved storylines from Love and Thunder. Thor still has plenty left to accomplish within the MCU, and he deserves to have a conclusion like several of the original Avengers have received.

Love Can Be Confirmed As Thor’s MCU Successor

Chris Hemsworth's Thor and his Daughter Love leap through the air in Thor: Love and Thunder

At the end of Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher abandons his mission to kill the gods by using Eternity’s wish to bring his daughter, Love, back to life. In his final moments, Gorr asks Thor to look after Love, which he does, as shown in the film’s last scene. Love is seen wielding Stormbreaker, suggesting she is worthy of carrying on the mantle of Thor. However, she could be even more powerful than her adoptive parent, as she is born from Eternity, a cosmic force with near-infinite power.

Eternity isn’t even a traditional being but more of an entity that embodies the entire universe. If Love has the powers of Eternity, then she can manipulate time, space, and reality and transform into anything within the universe. The film didn’t delve deeper into Love’s power set, but if she is already wielding Stormbreaker, she is powerful and fights with a noble purpose. Even though there is no “Love” in the comics, Thor did have a child with Lady Sif named Torunn Thorsdottir. Torunn translates to “Thor’s Love,” so there is a connection to Marvel lore.

Thor’s Battle With Hercules Can Finally Show Exactly How Powerful He Really Is

Hercules addresses Zeus at the end of Thor Love and Thunder

Marvel has a current issue with its post-credit scenes, where the studio is promising new characters but not delivering on the hype. For example, Harry Styles appeared as Starfox in Eternals, but it’s unclear when he’ll show up again or how it ties into the main story. Love and Thunder had an epic tease in which Zeus ordered his son, Hercules, to kill Thor after the God of Thunder nearly killed him. Hercules is played by Ted Lasso‘s Brett Goldstein and is an incredibly popular character from the comics.

It would be disappointing for Marvel to tease a battle between Thor and Hercules, bringing the Greek Pantheon and the Norse Pantheon into direct conflict, and not do anything about it. Hercules is immensely powerful, and Thor beating him in a fight would demonstrate just how powerful Thor is. It would also give Goldstein a larger role within the MCU, and it’d be a waste of his talents not to bring him back. A fight between these two gods could occur in Avengers: Secret Wars, but Thor 5 would be the perfect opportunity for this showdown.

The Ending To Thor’s MCU Story Could Be Solidified After 13+ Years

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) looking up in Thor: Ragnarok

Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow all had excellent endings to their MCU stories. Thor is an original avenger who deserves closure as his MCU journey is one of the most tragic and complex of any character. He lost the love of his life, Jane Foster, in Love and Thunder, and that happened after recently losing his mother, father, and brother. He has also gone on a journey of self-discovery, being stripped of his powers, proving his worthiness as a leader, and then stepping down from being king after realizing it’s not his purpose.

With Love now in his life, he has a new purpose as a parent. It also presents an opportunity for him to pass the torch to Love and finally get the rest and retirement he deserves. Additionally, an epic duel with Hercules could be an amazing final battle for the God of Thunder and send him off in a moment of triumph. Even though Marvel loves utilizing Hemsworth in the MCU, it could be time to end Thor’s journey and send him off on a high note.

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