“This just looks like Loki secretly acting like he’s Thor”: Tom Hiddleston’s Audition for the God of Thunder Will Make You Glad MCU Went With Chris Hemsworth

Some things are just not meant to be and, in this case, we are glad the stars didn’t align in Tom Hiddleston’s favor.

tom hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will forever be one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While he started off as an antagonist, his slow but steady redemption arc made us all fall in love with him. Thor: Ragnarok saw one of the best versions of Loki but we all know what happened after that and let’s just not revisit it as the wounds are still pretty fresh.

Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Then came the Disney+ series Loki which completely changed the character and while we didn’t think we could love him more, we did. And now, we can not even imagine another actor in Tom Hiddleston’s shoes. However, did you know that he actually auditioned to play Thor? Well, let’s just say that we are thankful the casting team saw potential in him as Loki.

When Tom Hiddleston Auditioned for Thor

Tom Hiddleston's audition for Thor

Chris Hemsworth was the perfect choice for Thor. I mean, just look at him! Therefore, when we got to see Tom Hiddleston audition for the God of Thunder, we were speechless, and not in a good way.

With long blonde hair and a hammer in his hands, Hiddleston tried his best to bring the best version of Thor forward but unfortunately, was unable to do so.

Perhaps seeing Hemsworth play Thor for all these years is not letting our minds register Hiddleston’s potential as the character. But to be fair, we are glad he decided to stick around for Loki, instead. The role of the God of Mischief was made for Hiddleston, wasn’t it?

When his Thor audition was brought up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hiddleston stated, “I auditioned for the first ‘Thor’ film ten years ago in 2009 and I just thought I was auditioning for a movie. You know, an interesting part in an interesting movie. Back then, the Marvel Universe was only – they’d just made ‘Iron Man’ and I thought, ‘I’ll, you know, have a go.’ I didn’t expect to be casted at all.”

The actor revealed that he never actually auditioned for Loki.

“They were looking for sort of less well-established actors so that the audience didn’t have an association. They just wanted people to see these new characters, these new actors. And the agreement was, if you’re over 6’00” and you’ve got blonde hair, and, you know, you can come and have a pop at it. So, I actually auditioned. I never auditioned for Loki. I only ever auditioned for Thor, which is nuts.”

“Nuts” sure is the right word to describe the fiasco, isn’t it? The MCU would’ve looked a lot different if things worked out for Hiddleston!

Fans React to Tom Hiddleston’s Audition Clip

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth as Loki and Thor respectively.

When Jimmy Fallon showed Hiddleston the original audition clip, the actor could only say that Marvel Studios cast the right actor for the role.

After Hiddleston’s audition clip resurfaced on the Internet, fans were glad he didn’t get the role. While we absolutely adore the actor, we can all agree on the fact that Hiddleston made a much better Loki than he could have made Thor.

Here’s what fans had to say about the actor’s audition:

It’s quite literally impossible to imagine Hiddleston as Thor and his audition clip is enough proof that the casting team made the right move by selecting him for Loki.

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