“This is just the beginning”: Deadpool & Wolverine’s Official R-rating Raises Hopes Another Rumored Marvel Movie Can Also be Full of Blood and Gore

An R-rated Ghost Rider film would revive Marvel back to its glory days!

Deadpool & Wolverine is around the corner and fans are jumping with excitement because the film has officially been labeled as a rated-R film. Though it was understood before the official confirmation because Reynolds’ The Merc with a Mouth has dropped the most ‘F-bombs’ in the MCU. Moreover, the film is set to feature intense violence and offensive language throughout the film, which will keep the fans entertained throughout the film.

Fans are impatiently waiting to watch Deadpool & Wolverine

As a result, fans are excited that this could mean the superhero franchise could make more rated-R projects in the near future. One character in particular, it happens to be none other than Johnny Blaze popularly known as Ghost Rider. Even though nothing has been confirmed, fans are ecstatic that Kevin Feige’s franchise is slowly taking the initiative.

Deadpool & Wolverine Potentially Pave The Way For Another rated-R Marvel Film

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool & Wolverine is set to commence a new era at Disney and Marvel Studios because the film is the first R-rated project based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All eyes are set on the film, because fans have been eagerly waiting for it and the film’s quality has been prioritized as the franchise is immensely popular among the fans.

Deadpool & Wolverine's R-rating opens path for more R-rated films in the MCU

Bob Iger and Kevin Feige’s world would change because the film could potentially be the first project in years that could leave a lasting impact at the box office, all because of a rating. Recently, DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) shared the news of how the upcoming movie is “officially rated R” for featuring strong violence and language on X.

Fans are supportive of the decision as they give thumbs up to the news and comment positively on the decision.

This gives fans hope for a rated-R Ghost Rider film. Following an R-rating would allow the character to delve into the much deeper and darker elements of his story without any restrictions.

But more importantly, the character thrives on violence and punishing his victims for the sins they have committed, and watching him authentically deliver the punishment without anything holding him down would be a treat to the viewers.

Why Is a rated-R Ghost Rider Film a Great Idea?

R-rated superheroes are the new trend and these projects have a strong record of success at the box office. Although being an R-rating film does not make the film an instant hit, it is just that certain superheroes thrive better when nothing is holding them back, and they can freely exercise violence and curses.

Ghost Rider's real essence could not be shown because of PG-13 rating

After Deadpool, the rated-R character that would come to our mind would be Ghost Rider which fans have been dying to see in the MCU film. While Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider films were a success they failed to showcase the danger and fear of the character because it was not dark and scary at all.

Both films showcased Cage’s outing as Ghost Rider and fighting various criminals and villains, but the horrifying element in the film was missing. The reason behind this is that the character is a dangerous and intense character and his very nature is to be violent.

An R-rated Ghost Rider film would be an instant hit

Wielding a flaming chain, a burning bike, and unleashing psychological torture of the highest kind on people, powers that can not showcased in a PG-13 film. The film screams for an R-rating and if Marvel witnesses a massive success in their first project, then the 2nd film should be none other than the Ghost Rider.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release in theatres on 26 July 2024.

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