“This actually isn’t all that surprising to me”: Beau DeMayo Addresses X-Men ‘97’s Defeat to Alaqua Cox’s Echo

The top-ranked Marvel project on the streaming platform isn’t what we expected… but in the best way possible!

X-Men 97, Alaqua Cox

Who says superheroes are only successful on the big screen? As a seasoned follower of all things Marvel and a keen observer of streaming trends, we just feasted our eyes on the latest dish of data showing which Disney+ original TV series is claiming the crown in our living rooms. And trust us, this show is not your run-of-the-mill headline.

New data detailing the most watched Disney+ original TV series has just provided a plot twist we did not see coming—Echo, with its gripping narrative and standout performances, is igniting the streaming market, outpacing fan favorites like X-Men ‘97.

With Alaqua Cox’s Echo leading the way, the Marvel Universe on television seems to be thriving with unexpected vigor.

According to a new Variety report, the Marvel Universe on TV appears to be thriving with surprising vigor. While many anticipated Beau DeMayo’s animated television series to take the top spot, it turns out that Alaqua Cox’s Echo has stolen the spotlight.

Marvel’s Top-Ranked Original TV Series That’s Ruling the Screen (2024)

Since its spring premiere, X-Men ‘97, the animated revival of the beloved 90s series, has generated buzz and rave reviews. Fans have been eagerly tuning in to see their favorite mutants back in action, but it seems that another MCU TV show has taken the lead in viewership.

Indeed, only Disney+ original programming is included in the 2024 Disney+ viewership data that Variety presented. A pie chart would show the ten programs that have attracted the highest percentage of viewers overall, along with an ambiguous ‘other’ block that represents one-third of all viewing hours. While the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians series tops the list, Echo is at number two, X-Men ‘97 is at number three, and Loki 2 is at number eight.

Recent data revealed that Echo even outpaces fan favorites like X-Men ‘97.

Although Echo is undoubtedly a fun program deserving of this recognition, it is somewhat surprising to see it outshine Beau DeMayo’s series and some of the subsequent 2023 releases. According to Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers praised X-Men ‘97’s “nostalgic 2D animation style, smart writing, and captivating action sequences”, calling the series “Marvel’s best release in years.”

However, Echo, featuring Alaqua Cox’s portrayal of the titular character, has claimed the second spot in the rankings, surpassing even X-Men ‘97. We welcomed Echo in January, saw the retro glory of X-Men ‘97 unfold in the spring, and now, as we review the performances, it’s the live-action drama that’s pulling ahead of its animated counterparts.

Well, doesn’t that certainly mirror our affection for Marvel’s diverse offerings that run deep, and with anticipation building for Deadpool & Wolverine, we’ve got lots to marvel at!

Alaqua Cox’s Echo Strikes: Beau DeMayo’s Take on X-Men ‘97’s Defeat

Screenwriter Beau DeMayo took to social media (X) to discuss X-Men ‘97’s defeat to Alaqua Cox’s Echo, acknowledging the inherent appeal of live-action shows but also highlighting the impact of animated series in reshaping viewer preferences.

Beau DeMayo took to social media (X) to discuss X-Men ‘97’s defeat to Alaqua Cox’s Echo.

He raved about the potential for shows like X-Men ‘97, “Invincible”, to challenge the traditional norms of Marvel storytelling and attract a diverse audience.

With the much-awaited arrival of Deadpool & Wolverine in the upcoming months, Marvel appears to have a bright future. Also, the popularity of X-Men ‘97 and Echo suggests that audiences are open to new storytelling formats within the Marvel Universe and have changed their tastes.

Although some may be surprised by the rankings, they do represent both the shifting preferences of Marvel fans and the constantly evolving streaming entertainment scene. As we continue to explore new and exciting Marvel projects on Disney+, we can’t deny that the Marvel magic shows no signs of slowing down!

Both Echo and X-Men ‘97 are available to stream on Disney+.

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