The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Desperately Needs To Explain 1 Big Thing It’s Currently Ignoring

Split images of Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves with glowing eyes and looking mad in The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy season 4 will bring the Netflix series to an end, wrapping up the current storylines and character arcs — and the show desperately needs to explain one big thing it’s currently ignoring. There are many questions The Umbrella Academy must answer during its final episodes, including how the Hargreeves siblings will get their powers back. The Umbrella Academy season 3’s ending sets the stage for an interesting finale, as the Hargreeves have once again reset the universe, but this time they’re without their extraordinary powers.

The trailer for The Umbrella Academy season 4 confirms that some of the siblings will regain their powers during the remaining six episodes. It also sees the Hargreeves gearing up for their final mission together. The footage celebrates their bonds with one another, emphasizing that they’ve got each other’s backs no matter how much they bicker. And the season 4 trailer shows plenty of bickering among the members of The Umbrella Academy. It also ignores one major development from season 3’s finale, and it needs to address this to end on a high note.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4’s Trailers Are Glossing Over Allison’s Actions From Season 3

The Final Season Needs To Address How She Treated The Other Hargreeves

Emmy Raver Lampman as Allison in Umbrella Academy

Allison Hargreeves betrays her siblings in The Umbrella Academy season 3, and this occurs after she treats them poorly for the entirety of the previous outing. Her behavior stems from the fact that her family isn’t hers in The Umbrella Academy season 3’s timeline, landing a devastating blow to Allison. While the other siblings are prepared to let the world end rather than reset the timeline in the season 3 finale, Allison works with Reginald to ensure this doesn’t happen. She finds a way back to her daughter and husband, even if it means double-crossing her siblings.

While Allison’s behavior fits with her circumstances in The Umbrella Academy season 3, it makes her a pretty unlikable character. The Umbrella Academy season 4 must work to redeem her, especially if it’s hoping to get viewers on her side again. However, none of the footage that’s been released suggests any tensions between Allison and her siblings. The season 4 trailer sees her working and bickering with them as usual, which isn’t a good sign for a redemption arc. Hopefully, The Umbrella Academy is dealing with this early in the final season rather than overlooking it completely.

It Looks Like The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Handle Its Allison Problem In Episode 1

This Isn’t Bad, As Long As The Netflix Show Handles It Well

The Umbrella Academy season 4-17

Judging by Allison’s easy interactions with her siblings in The Umbrella Academy season 4 trailer, the series will handle the issue of her redemption in episode 1. With just six episodes to wrap everything up, it makes sense that the show is diving right in. And it’s perfectly fine to hash out the tensions between Allison and the other Hargreeves early — as long as The Umbrella Academy actually does it.

There are likely to be hard feelings about Allison’s actions leading up to her betrayal, as well as her decision to help Reginald. This can’t be glossed over if The Umbrella Academy wants Allison to go out as one of the heroes. It’s not going to be easy getting fans back on her side, or getting her siblings to trust her again, so it’s critical that the Netflix series takes the time to make sense of her renewed involvement in the team.

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