The Ultimate X-Men Enigma: Magneto’s Shocking Resurrection Theory Shakes the Comic World

X-Men ’97 has been delivering twists and turns with every new episode, and following Magneto’s shocking death, a theory explains how he could return.

X-Men '97 shots of Magneto with Rogue's hand in his mouth and speaking

An X-Men ’97 theory perfectly explains how Magneto’s death in the animated series might not stick. Magneto has had a long road in live-action. The character was first played by Ian McKellen in the original Fox X-Men franchise, with Michael Fassbender replacing the actor — and doing a magnificent job — for the younger X-Men movie timeline that started with 2011’s X-Men: First Class. However, before that, Magneto had already appeared in five seasons of 1992’s X-Men: The Animated Series, establishing himself as one of Marvel’s most famous mutants to non-comic book audiences.

With Marvel Studios bringing back the series through the sequel show X-Men ’97, Magneto has had even more time to shine, now as the leader of the X-Men rather than a villain. However, Magneto and Gambit — along with several other mutants — were killed during the attack on Genosha in X-Men ’97‘s episode 5. Given how important and beloved by the fans they are, Gambit and Magneto dying was a major surprise. However, there are ways for both characters to come back to life, and a Marvel theory has the perfect explanation for how Magneto’s death could be reversed.

Magneto’s Death In X-Men ’97 May Not Last

The Omega Level Mutant Is Too Important

Magneto looks pensive at the Hellfire Gala in Genosha in X-Men '97

Magneto is way too big of a name to really be dead — the same as Charles Xavier, who is likely to return somewhere throughout X-Men ’97 season 1. The character has died and come back to life multiple times over the years in the comics and more. Recently, Magneto has been on a path to coming back to life and adjusting to what he has missed in Marvel Comics. After sacrificing himself in the Judgment Day event, Marvel’s Resurrection of Magneto tells the story of Magneto’s return from the dead, which is timely, given his X-Men ’97 fate.

While Gambit’s death seems final at the moment, Magneto’s is a different case. Rogue held a lifeless Gambit in her arms; however, Magneto’s body was nowhere to be seen, and the golden rule of TV normally means that no body means no death, so there is a chance Magneto could actually be alive after all. If he truly is dead, then Cable could succeed in stopping the Genosha massacre, changing the future. That said, an MCU theory explains the smart way the X-Men ’97 team could have crafted a path for Magneto to only appear dead but never actually die.

Leech Could Be The Answer To How Magneto Survives

The Character’s Powers Could Lead To A Surprise Reveal

Leech looks afraid at Magneto while in green Wild Sentinel beam glow in X-Men '97

While it seemed like Magneto and the Morlocks were vaporized by the powerful beam from the three-headed Sentinel, Leech could have helped the group go unnoticed by the villainous machine at just the right time. While he is not a famous mutant character, Leech possesses an interesting power that could have many uses depending on the situation, making him an interesting character. Leech has the ability to negate other people’s powers, including that of humans, mutants, and more. However, his power-dampening field has a short range, which means the ones affected have to be close to him.

Leech’s powers could have kicked in at the crucial moment to ensure he, Magneto, and the Morlocks survived. As he was holding tightly to Magneto, Leech could have negated Erik Lehnsherr’s powers for a moment, just enough for the three-headed Sentinel to state that the Omega Level Threat had been neutralized. The characters could then have passed out from exhaustion after the ordeal, showing up when X-Men ’97 picks up on the aftermath of the Genosha massacre to reveal that while Gambit is dead, Magneto is not.

Magneto’s Return Could Make Him Evil Again

The Genosha Massacre Would Have A Major Impact On Him

Magneto using his powers in X-Men The Animated Series

After having led the Brotherhood of Mutants and killed several people, Magneto was on a different path before the Genosha event. Trying to honor Charles Xavier’s wishes, Magneto had become a hero and the leader of the X-Men, showing an exciting new side of the character. However, if Magneto comes back to life in X-Men ’97, all that could change. The level of destruction and death seen in Genosha, which was supposed to be a peaceful and safe nation for the mutants, could push Magneto over the edge, with Erik becoming a villain once again.

X-Men ’97‘s latest trailer teased Captain America making a cameo. The character and other Marvel heroes could appear to show how the world reacts to the events in Genosha. Magneto taking the fight to humans and whoever was involved in Genosha’s destruction could lead to some major battles and deaths. If Magneto comes back from the dead only to become a villain, then it would be the perfect time for Charles Xavier to go the opposite way, returning to lead the X-Men in Magneto’s place in X-Men ’97.

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