The Ultimate Marvel Revelation: MCU Actor’s Endgame Dream Unveiled

An MCU actor recently revealed the dream path for their character, and it would also be the perfect way to tie up a storyline from Avengers: Endgame.

Split image of Hawkeye as Ronin in the MCU

Echo star Alaqua Cox has discussed her hopes for her character’s future in the MCU, and they could helpfully finish off an Avengers: Endgame storyline. As the first Marvel Spotlight series, it’s hard to know how much Echo will connect with the wider MCU. Though Echo herself may still be able to return, Marvel will likely include her in a way that doesn’t require having watched all of Echo to understand. Cox had several suggestions for where she would like her MCU journey to go, one of which would tie in perfectly with Echo’s character’s introduction in Hawkeye.

Alaqua Cox called out a few different ideas for Echo’s future in the MCU timeline. The actor said she’d like to see Maya Lopez return to New York in some way, possibly appearing in season 2 of Daredevil: Born Again. She also threw out the Green Goblin as a possible antagonist for Echo to fight, which would finally give audiences the MCU version of Norman Osborn. However, Echo might be better suited for a role outside of Marvel’s street-level world, that would tie nicely into MCU’s upcoming releases.

Echo Has Joined The Avengers As Ronin In Marvel Comics

Maya Lopez First Appeared As Ronin In The New Avengers #11 (2005)

Echo as Ronin in Marvel Comics speaking

Echo’s story in Marvel Comics follows some of the same beats as it did in the MCU. The comic iteration of Echo also starts out working with Kingpin, tries to kill him, and goes on a path toward redemption. When Maya decides she wants to join the Avengers, she’s worried about them accepting her given her past. This leads her to take on the identity of Ronin to conceal who she is, in hopes of not ruining the Avengers’ reputation.

Maya operated with the Avengers for some time under the name Ronin, before eventually handing the name over to Hawkeye. This led to her using the name Echo again, but still working with the New Avengers. Seeing as the MCU is about to get its own new roster of Avengers, it might be the perfect time for the MCU Maya to follow in her comic book counterpart’s footsteps.

Alaqua Cox Wants Echo To Join The Avengers

Alaqua Cox Discussed Her Hopes For Echo’s Future In An Interview With Screen Rant

Echo with the Phoenix Force and the New Avengers in Marvel Comics

Echo joining the Avengers doesn’t just have precedent in Marvel Comics, but is also something Alaqua Cox mentioned she would love for her character. Cox described Echo simply meeting the Avengers as a “dream come true,” so joining their ranks would likely be an even bigger thrill. The new roster of the MCU Avengers has yet to be revealed, but with Marvel’s increasing focus on street-level heroes, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone like Echo joining the MCU Avengers’ ranks.

Echo joining the Avengers would be a big step for the character, seeing as she debuted in the MCU as a hardened criminal, then moved on to being a vengeful vigilante, before finally becoming more of a hero near the end of Echo. Becoming a widely recognized hero as part of the Avengers would be a great way to show her transformation. It would also help tie up another Avenger’s story that was set up back in Avengers: Endgame.

Echo’s Ties To The MCU Ronin Can Provide The Perfect Ending To Hawkeye’s Endgame Story

Hawkeye Took On The Ronin Persona In Avengers: Endgame

Clint Barton in Japan as Ronin in Avengers Endgame

Like her Marvel Comics counterpart, the MCU Echo also has ties to Ronin, though they are very different. In the MCU, Maya’s father was killed by Clint Barton while he was operating under the name Ronin, based on a tip he unknowingly got from Kingpin in the crime boss’ efforts to take William Lopez down. This led Maya to hunt down Clint after Ronin seemingly resurfaced, following Kate Bishop wearing the costume. When Maya learned that Kingpin was behind her father’s death, she stopped trying to kill Clint and focused her attention on taking down Fisk instead.

Although Maya gave up hunting Clint to go after Kingpin, their conflict was never fully hashed out. Maya likely still has some lingering feelings about Clint killing her father, just like Hawkeye is likely still troubled by the violent actions he took as Ronin. Having Maya take over the role of Ronin from Clint could be one way of showing how the characters are working toward reconciliation, or have at least come to a shared understanding after learning their conflict was orchestrated by Kingpin.

Instead of Maya taking on the mantle of Ronin solely to redeem herself, she could do it as a way to recapture the identity of the man who killed her father and turn Ronin into a hero. This could also mean Maya forgiving Clint, and Clint supporting Maya’s efforts to turn the identity of Ronin into something positive. This would put a more definite and cathartic end to Clint’s Ronin story from Avengers: Endgame – especially given Hawkeye and Echo repeatedly referencing it and Clint’s lingering guilt – and allow Maya to build on her heroic path set up by Echo.

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