The tearful life of Princess Diana

Living in misery, dying prematurely at the age of 36, having to carry a lucky number, but the image of Princess Diana has really lived forever in the hearts of the British people.

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Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringha, Norfolk into an aristocratic family. She was the fourth of five children of Viscount Althorp and Earl Spencer. The Spencer family is one of the oldest prestigious families in Britain and has close ties to the royal family.

When Diana was 8 years old, her parents divorced because her mother had an illicit relationship with another man. Diana lived with her mother in London while her parents were separated. But then her father, John Spencer, regained custody of Diana. She first studied at Riddlesworth Hall near Diss, Norfolk, then attended The New School at West Heath, in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Diana had the opportunity to play with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward as a child, during the time her family rented Park House, which is owned by Queen Elizabeth II and is located in the Sandringham estate.

Diana began getting to know Prince Charles in November 1977 at a hunt organized by the Spencer family. She was very popular with the royal family and they soon appointed her to step into the throne of the future queen.

As a long-standing aristocratic family in England, the Spencer family has the best conditions to make a marriage with the queen’s family. In addition, the fiancée of the Prince of Wales must have a Protestant education and must be a virgin. Diana had both of these conditions.

On both sides, the royal family as well as the Spencer family have created many opportunities for Diana to meet and have more intimate contact with the Prince of Wales. The royal family’s hasty move has led to speculation in the press that they are trying to cover up Camilla Parker Bowles’ case. This is the woman that Prince Charles really loves even though Camilla is married. Prince Charles confessed his love to Camilla in 1972, but she refused because she was afraid of the constraints of royal life. In early 1973, Camilla boarded a flower carriage with an army major, leaving behind Prince Charles’s desperate love affair and unhealed heart wound

The Tearful Life of Princess Diana - 1

When Diana gave birth to Prince William, the marriage began to strain because Charles always showed a nostalgic attitude towards Camilla Parker Bowles.

Diana and Prince Charles dated each other for a period of almost 3 years. And finally, on July 29, 1981, they officially got married. Prince Charles’s fairytale-like wedding with Princess Diana was broadcast live to 750 million viewers globally.

They wore embroidered silk shoes, diamond crowns, and a glass horse-drawn carriage. 2,500 guests were invited by gold-stamped invitation cards. More than 6,000 gifts were delivered to St. James’s Palace. The hand-sewn wedding dress with 40 meters of silk with fiber fabric is grown and woven on a farm in England. The 18-carat wedding ring was surrounded by 14 diamonds, worth $63,000 at the time.

A year after the wedding, the darkness of the fairytale marriage began to be exposed, Diana said, as soon as she set out on the way to the church for the ceremony, the Princess knew that Charles had never stopped loving Camilla Parker Bowles. “There are three people in this marriage so we feel a little cramped,” she told reporters.

When Diana gave birth to Prince William, the marriage began to strain because Charles always showed a nostalgic attitude towards Camilla Parker Bowles. Ironically, Camilla’s husband, Major Andrew Parker Bowles, is also a close friend of Prince Charles. Therefore, when he heard that the Crown Prince was still dreaming with his wife, the friendship between them also deteriorated rapidly.

In 1972, at a party, Camilla famously stated to Prince Charles: “My great-grandmother was your great-grandfather’s lover, I feel we have things in common.” Their great-grandmother and great-grandfather fell in love when they were both married. This sentence has also shown that Camilla more or less wants to have an illicit relationship with Charles even though she is a married woman.

Diana and Charles’ family happiness begins to become irretrievable.

Diana suffered from a mental crisis, fell into depression, accompanied by an eating disorder that caused the 20-year-old bride to have a mental breakdown and lose weight tragically.

Even in 1994, in an interview with the BBC, Prince Charles said that he and Camilla still often travel together. After his wedding to Diana, he just waited for the marriage to break down so that he could return to Camilla. From this it is known that Charles never fell in love with Diana. He was forced to marry his wife because he wanted to have children to continue the royal family.

At the end of 1987, there was a period of time when the couple did not stay together for 37 days in a row. That’s because Diana is busy with other men, including Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan. They consider “Grandpa eats spring rolls” as a hobby outside marriage.

A former secretary of Diana’s, Michael Gibbins, has revealed some shocking information. Princess Diana had an affair with 5 men, which made the Royal Family unhappy. They were England rugby team captain Will Carling, bodyguard Barry Manakee, cavalry officer James Hewitt, communications expert James Gilbey and businessman Oliver Hoare.

Of these 5 people, only James Hewitt admitted to having an affair with Princess Diana.

Princess Diana once went to bed with her butler Paul Burrell. Paul Burrell has been Diana’s closest butler for more than 10 years. Burrell’s brother-in-law said he confessed to having been in bed with Princess Diana, but Burrell himself did not admit it.

The Tearful Life of Princess Diana - 2

In 1992, Prince Charles and Diana separated. It is a time of reconciliation to see if the two parties can reunite.

In addition, the Rose of Wales also dated Canadian singer Bryan Adams, causing Bryan’s 12-year love affair with Danish film actress Cecilie Thomsen to break up.

Diana’s housekeeper Paul Burrell revealed that Princess Diana has a total of 9 lovers, including singer Bryan Adams.

At that time, the Royal Family was very concerned because Diana freely interacted freely with “weird” people who did not follow traditional culture, such as gay singer Elton John, journalist Stephen Twigg, feminist activist Susie Orbach… but a free-spirited lifestyle is a subject of controversy in British society.

In 1992, Prince Charles and Diana separated. It is a time of reconciliation to see if the two parties can reunite.

The official divorce took place on August 28, 1996.

After negotiations between the two parties about the conditions to be implemented after the divorce, Diana received the amount of $23 million. It is reported that Diana is asking for $75 million. Diana’s title of Princess was stripped away, leaving only the name “Diana, Princess of Wales”.

According to Royal law, because Diana is the mother of two heirs (Princes William and Harry), she still belongs to the British Royal Family.

Diana kept all her jewelry, kept two rooms in Kensington Palace where the Princess had stayed. She also continued to use two offices at St. James’s Palace to continue running charity work.

During the time of separation, Diana had a deep relationship with Pakistani doctor Hasnat Ahmed Khan.

Princess Diana and heart surgeon Hasnat met by chance in the waiting room of the Royal Brompton Hospital on September 1, 1995.

The sudden image of the doctor suddenly imprinted deep into Diana’s emotional heart. She thought it was the first love thunder in her life.

It was a time when Diana lived alone in Kensington Castle after separating from Prince Charles in 1992. Diana had to keep everything secret to avoid the scrutiny of the Royal Secret Service and the reporters of the tabloids. Phone numbers are always changing. Every time she goes out, she has to wear a wig and black glasses.

After that unexpected meeting, Diana seemed to go to the hospital every day to see Dr. Hasnat Khan. She confided: “I think I met the great guy of my life. Hasnat has black-brown eyes that people want to sink into.”

Diana took the initiative to get to know Hasnat and the two had a passionate love affair in secret. Diana even considered getting married and would give birth to a daughter for Hasnat. Dr Hasnat said they can live peacefully in Pakistan because the press doesn’t bother them there.

Diana calculated this very carefully. She flew to her cousin in South Africa and then to Australia to see where their lives were suitable.

That passionate love made Diana silly, thoughtless, and far from reality, especially at that time when Princess Diana was suffering from a mental crisis and depression.

In 1996, although she was living in a state of separation, struggling to negotiate the conditions for divorce, but she was still worried about marrying her new love, she flew to Pakistan to meet Khan’s family.

After officially divorcing Prince Charles, Diana accepted an invitation from Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, to vacation at his villa in St Tropez, southern France. There she was introduced to the giant Dodi Al-Fayed.

On July 17, 1997, Diana and Dr. Hasnat met for the last time, and Diana suddenly ended their relationship.

At that time, Diana began to travel non-stop. Diana is in a relationship with Dodi. Photos of Diana taken together on the yacht appeared widely in the press. The photo of the two hugging each other on the yacht was accompanied by questions about Diana’s romance.

In October 2007, Dr. Hasnat quietly left the UK and returned to Pakistan with a secret love in his heart.

Cuộc đời đẫm nước mắt của Công nương Diana - 3

The princess’s life was full of tears and died at the age of 36

Later, he married a 28-year-old Pakistani woman named Hadia Sher Ali. But then they divorced after 18 months because in the bottom of his heart there was still an image of Princess Diana.

At 1:00 a.m. on August 31, 1997, the presence of Princess Diana and Dodi at the Ritz Hotel restaurant owned by Dodi’s father attracted the attention of the Paparazzi. They surrounded the front door and surrounded the lovers.

To avoid the paparazzi crowd, Diana and her lover Dodi along with the hotel security guard Trevor Rees-Jones escaped into a back alley and got into a car driven by the hotel security guard Henri Paul.

The paparazzi nearly a dozen people followed Diana and Dodi’s car.

The Mercedes-Benz W140 went into a tunnel near the Pont dAlma bridge, Paris (France) to go to Dodi’s villa in Paris.

Trying to avoid the paparazzi group, the Mercedes increased its speed to 112 km/h. The car crashed into a concrete pillar in the tunnel. The front of the car was shattered.

Dodi and the driver, Henri Paul, died on the spot. It was 1:10 a.m. on August 31, 1997. Diana and her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones were seriously injured and transported to Pitié Salpétrière. Diana died at 4 a.m. The guard was alive but suffered a brain injury, so he didn’t remember what happened.

On August 31, 1997, the coffin containing Diana’s body covered with the Royal flag was brought to London by Prince Charles and Diana’s two sisters.

After the autopsy, the coffin was brought inside Royal Westminster Abbey for funeral rites.

At this time, Queen Elizabeth II and Princes William (15 years old) and Harry (12 years old) were in Balmoral, because the Queen did not want the two princes to witness the grief that was flooding the whole of England. At the same time, avoid the press from scrutinizing them.

Many questions have been asked such as: Why did no member of the Royal Family come to see the Princess at the Royal Cathedral? Why did none of them write in the funeral book?

From 5 a.m., people came to place memorial flowers at the gates around the palace. The number of flowers increased very quickly, becoming a sea of flowers, causing the security belt to change position many times.

Inside, singer Elton John sang “Candle in the Wind”. Domestic and foreign reporters were present in large numbers.

Later, billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed alleged that the royal family plotted to kill Diana and his son Dodi because Diana was pregnant with Dodi’s child in the womb and also because of the scandal she caused to affect the royal family.

On October 2, 2007, a major investigation was opened headed by Marquis Stevens.

After six months, at a cost of up to £10 million, the investigation team came to the final conclusion, which was that the deaths of Diana and Dodi were caused by the carelessness of the driver named Henri Paul. (Paul was driving under the influence of alcohol, and his blood alcohol level was three times higher than allowed by French law.)

Diana and Dodi died in an accident due to the intense chase of the paparazzi hunters. Neither of them had seat belts.

This conclusion of the investigation board was opposed by many people, causing the investigation board to take 4 days to argue about this objection, but the conclusion remained the same.

From her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 until her death in 1997, Princess Diana’s image took center stage on the world stage. She is known as the most photographed woman in the world. Diana’s life became the subject of public attention due to her royal status, beauty and charitable activities.

In 1999, Princess Diana’s name was included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most important people of the twentieth century.

In 2002, the BBC held a vote for the “10 Greatest British People”, and Princess Diana was ranked 3rd on the list of the 10 greatest people in Britain.

Living in misery, dying prematurely at the age of 36, having to carry a lucky number, but the image of Princess Diana has really lived forever in the hearts of the British people.

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