The reason Queen Elizabeth II always wears embossed colors

Queen Elizabeth II’s fashion style has also always been loved by the public.

The Reason Queen Elizabeth Wears So Many Bright Colors - Queen Elizabeth's  Vibrant Style Explained

Queen Elizabeth II of England is also one of the symbols of fashion in the prestigious royal family. She is fascinated by items with striking and bright colors. And the reason for those choices is not just a matter of serving personal preferences. In fact, there is also a very interesting reason behind these choices.

According to Sophie’s daughter – the Earl of Wessex, the queen likes to wear brightly colored clothes because she likes the public to be able to easily recognize her in the crowd. In the crowd, she always wanted to stand out so that her loved ones could see her from a distance. Wherever the queen went, there were many guards, and if she wore dark clothes, it would be difficult to see. Therefore, colors such as neon, bright pink, blue, … are prioritized for use a lot. It is said to be the simple meaning that the public knows in the style of this powerful woman.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth II of England also has her own fashion principles. She never took off her robe in public to ensure her sanctity. High heels are also only 5cm for convenient walking.

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The reason for the queen’s love of wearing embossed colored items was revealed, making the public even more respectful.

Lý do Nữ hoàng Elizabeth II luôn mặc đồ màu nổi - 2

Although she has always been simple in style, she has always been a fashion icon of the royal family.

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Gloves are also an accessory that the queen never forgets.

Lý do Nữ hoàng Elizabeth II luôn mặc đồ màu nổi - 4

She asked to use a 15 cm long, black or white color.

Lý do Nữ hoàng Elizabeth II luôn mặc đồ màu nổi - 5

Of course, to create a royal style, the queen is indispensable for sophisticated hats. Hats are often chosen to match the color of the shirt and the brim of the hat does not cover more than half of the face to ensure elegance for the owner.

Lý do Nữ hoàng Elizabeth II luôn mặc đồ màu nổi - 6

The queen’s favorite hat brand is Rachel Trevor-Morgan. Her hats usually cost 450 USD (about 10 million VND). On special occasions, this accessory is invested at a large price of up to 1,500 USD (about 33 million VND).

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Exquisite items are perfectly sewn and designed to create the class of the Queen of England.

Lý do Nữ hoàng Elizabeth II luôn mặc đồ màu nổi - 8

The queen’s handbag also favors the medium bag, the main color is a simple color such as black with beige. She owns hundreds of branded bags but still repairs the old bag to continue using.

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The Queen always wears a pearl necklace to add a nobility when appearing at events.

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