“That’s going to be one intense fight”: After Wolverine, Marvel Will Put Black Panther Up Against Predator in a Historic Four Issue Crossover

Marvel Comics cranks up the action, pitting Black Panther against Predator following the Wolverine showdown, stirring even greater excitement among fans.

Black Panther and Wolverine vs Predator

Marvel Comics has just announced Predator Versus Black Panther, a captivating four-issue crossover event in the comic world scheduled to debut this August. Building upon the success of Predator Versus Wolverine, the writer Benjamin Percy,  joins forces with artist Chris Allen to bring this thrilling saga to life.

Black Panther

Fans are buzzing with excitement as they anticipate the clash between these two legendary characters. With the stage set for an epic showdown, readers can expect an electrifying battle that will for sure leave a lasting impact on the Marvel universe as well as the reader’s minds!

Marvel Comics Presents Predator vs. Black Panther, Following Its Clash with Wolverine

Marvel fans, both movie buffs and comic enthusiasts, are in for a treat this summer! Not only are the movie fans getting their fill with Deadpool and Wolverine, but comic lovers can also now celebrate. As Marvel recently dropped exciting news about a four-issue epic crossover event featuring none other than Predator and Black Panther!

Benjamin Percy is writing a thrilling mini-saga with a new Marvel Comic titled Predator vs. Black Panther. This four-issue series hits shelves on August 21, following the intense highly successful Predator vs. Wolverine series from last year.


In Predator vs. Wolverine, Wolverine faces off against a Predator in the Canadian wilderness and Madripoor. The Predator targets Wolverine, as its ultimate prey. Their battle leads to a showdown where Wolverine sets a trap using the Predator’s bio-mask, confronting the Predator in a climactic encounter. In an interview with io9, Benjamin Percy revealed how the idea of placing Black Panther next in line after Predator vs. Wolverine came into place, he revealed,

I put all of my creative poison into Predator vs. Wolverine, so it was extremely gratifying to see the reader and retailer response—for the floppies and for the collected trade. The strong sales encouraged the idea of expanding the storyline. If the first installment was about the hunt for a man, it made sense to elevate the stakes and make this book about the battle for a kingdom.

He further added, There are a number of reasons that Black Panther makes for a great adversary and Wakanda makes for great stage (including the fact that the perimeter shield, when locked down, creates a hunting preserve). But then you throw vibranium into the mix, and you’ve got a really interesting (and fresh) Predator narrative. The Yautja covet their weapons and trophies—and the kingdom’s vast stores of this rare cosmic metal would be impossible to resist.

In this latest installment, the Predator sets its sights on his next hunt, Wakanda to acquire the precious vibranium, bringing him face to face with the hero, Black Panther.

Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement For This Epic Clash!

Fans are absolutely buzzing with joy and excitement for the epic showdown on the horizon, it’s even better than they could’ve imagined. And here’s the best part, anyone, regardless of their interests in Marvel comics, movies, or either of those things, can dive right in and have a blast. It’s a total steal!

The writer Percy in the same io9 interview revealed, If you’re a comics nerd, I will feed you. If you’re a movie nerd, I will feed you too. And if you’ve never read or seen anything about Predator or Black Panther, you can get fed as well. I want these to be evergreen titles, and the best way to accomplish that is to honor legacy while not overly burdening the reader with continuity homework.


Here is what the fans have to say about the new issue,

Not only that, the writer has also teased about the upcoming crossover event, promising it to be even bigger than this one. Fans are already on the edge of their seats with anticipation! As he said,

I not only know what match-up is coming next, I have plans for the match-up that follows it. We’ll see how it all plays out, but we’re for sure locked in for the third story

Besides Benjamin Percy, the project has talents like Chris Allen, known as one of Marvel’s Stormbreaker artists, who breathes life into the clash between these iconic characters with stunning artwork. And with Ken Lashley handling the cover art, it’s clear that this project is in good hands!

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