“That was gonna be our last film… Disney was taking over”: X-Men Actor Wants to be a Part of Marvel Universe After Hugh Jackman’s Return and X-Men’ 97’s Record Breaking Run

With Hugh Jackman’s return, anything seems possible now.

hugh jackman, x-men' 97

The X-Men have always been some of the most prominent characters in the Marvel comics, even though their film-based adaptations after Logan were not that kindly received by fans. However, with the recently released titular smash-hit animated series and the sequel of the original series from 1992 on these mutants, this band of heroes just may be reclaiming their lost position.

The X-Men. | Credit: Marvel Comics.

Adding to this are Hugh Jackman and other actors from the movies returning to reprise their iconic mutants in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine

Shawn Ashmore is Down to Reprise His Mutant Role Once Again

Over the course of nearly one-and-a-half decades, Shawn Ashmore has given some of the best performances of his life in the star-studded X-Men film series as the Iceman.

The last film he starred in was 2014’s critically acclaimed Days of Future Past, which seemed like a good place to let the characters’ story arcs rest for a while at the time as Disney took over the rights for them.

Shawn Ashmore as Iceman in the film series.

However, even after such a tremendous run of playing the iconic character, Ashmore is still willing to do it anytime again if he gets the call for it.

During an interview with ScreenRant back in 2022, he expressed the same while sharing how he also accepted the fact that Days of Future Past just might end up being the original cast’s final movie together. He said:

After Days of Future Past, I had kind of accepted that was gonna be our last film, with this group of actors, anyway. Disney was taking over the rights. It felt like the end for our characters, the original trilogy cast, it felt kind of like the end of the story. And I’ve kind of accepted that.

Iceman. | Credit: Marvel Comics.

But at the same time, he also acknowledged the fact that, at this point in time, especially after Spider-Man: No Way Home, anything could be possible in the MCU. And if this possibility brings about the chances of his return, then he’s all the way down for it.

As Ashmore said while also reflecting on the probability of never getting this chance again: If it happened, would I do it? 100%. No question. I grew up playing that character. I’m a comic book fan. It’s things that I’m into. So, I would do it again in a second. But I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I got four movies, and that might be it. And I’m pretty happy with that.

Ashmore as Iceman. | Credit: X-Men film series.

As fans already saw in the movies, Ashmore gave a pretty decently generous performance as his icy mutant, so there is more than just enough probability of him returning in the lore.

That being said, some other factors also seem to pave the way for his return as Iceman and joining the MCU, with Hugh Jackman‘s return being one of the biggest ones.

Shawn Ashmore Just Might Be Able to Return to His X-Men Role

The MCU has already launched into its multiverse era, and the upcoming movies will all inevitably reflect the same as the few previous ones did — especially Deadpool & Wolverine because it will be reportedly bringing about a lot of mutants back from the original saga.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. | Credit: Deadpool & Wolverine.

Adding to this are the tremendous records that X-Men ’97, the follow-up animated series to the original one from 1992, has already broken even with only its one-season run.

For one, its season 1 premiere broke a three-year-old record and became Disney’s most-watched Season 1 premiere for a full-length animated series since What If…? in 2021 as it got up to 4 million views in merely 5 days of its release (according to reports from Variety).

Then there are all the reports of how it was the fifth and second most-watched series across all platforms in the USA between March 18–24, 2024 (as per JustWatch) and the week of April 14, 21, and 28 (as per Whip Media) respectively.

X-Men '97.

All of this being said, the mutant league of superheroes is most certainly once again gaining momentum among fans. And, considering how it is one of the most fan-beloved bands in the entire Marvel Universe, such massive wins could lead to it reclaiming its position at the top.

That said, if the series of events continues to go this way, then it won’t be long before MCU considers bringing back its original league of mutant heroes to rule the box offices and fans’ hearts, and thus, ends up fulfilling Ashmore’s heartiest wishes as well.

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