Sony’s Spider-Man 4 Can Beat MCU’s Entire Homecoming Trilogy If Tom Holland Fights the Most Horrifying Villain Even Disney Didn’t Have the Guts for

Morlun could be the perfect villain for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4.

Ever since Marvel traumatized their fans through Spider-Man: No Way Home’s ending, audiences have been curious about what the fourth film will bring. Spider-Man 4 will start a new chapter for the character, no longer having a safety net and moving on with his life after being forgotten by the world.

Peter Parker

While the earlier films had lighter tones, bringing about an almost child-like essence, it can be expected that the new trilogy is certainly going to be different. If the new films adopt a darker tone, there is no better way to establish such a theme than through a good villain.

Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

Although Spider-Man has plenty of terrifyingly menacing villains, with Mephisto’s games, King Pin’s flexible moral compass, and Kraven’s hunt, there may be an option better suited for the fourth film; Morlun.

Who is Morlun?

In the comics, Morlun was a vampiric figure who made it his life’s mission to hunt Spider-Man. Coming from a long line of people who traveled the multiverse to absorb the life force of all Spider-Totem avatars, he hunted Peter Parker to the ends of his earth. When he was introduced into the 616 story, fans got to see a new side of the websligger, forcing him to connect to his spider side.

Morlun from Spider-Man comic book

His battles with the psychic vampire are some of the most memorable in the character’s entire comic book run, with their first battle standing out in concerning ways. When Peter had his first encounter with Morlun, they made physical contact when the Spider was punched. This one punch was described by Parker as the strongest punch he had ever felt.

For a character that is constantly thrown around by his antagonists, such a comment is especially concerning. Over the years, Morlun has gained a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and strongest villains Parker has ever had to face. It is safe to say that a live-action version of the character would make fans very excited.

The Perfect Antagonist for Spider-Man 4

Very few characters have managed to get under Peter Parker’s skin like Morlun did. It is common knowledge that Spider-Man 4 will bring about a very battered and broken version of the beloved character. After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Parker has been left completely on his own, with no one by his side.

Morlun from Spider-Man I Marvel Comics

His friends are gone, he has no family to his name, and his existence has been wiped completely clean off the earth. What better way to make a story interesting than by kicking someone who is already in the dumps?

Morlun from Spider-Man I Marvel Comics

While many fans expect the Sinister Six to make an appearance in the fourth film, Morlun brings new life to Tom Holland’s story in the MCU. The character is known for being one of the most powerful forces Parker has ever had to face, and fans always enjoy seeing such characters.

If the franchise is able to cast the right person for the role, there is no denying that Spider-Man 4 could exceed all of its predecessors, and audiences would have it no other way. While the film will certainly be darker than past projects, the franchise has been leaning into its grotesque roots more and more in the past few years.

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