“Someone tell Marvel it’s not disrespecting Chadwick”: X-Men ‘97 Black Panther Cameo Upsets a Few Fans Who Are Convinced MCU Didn’t Allow Series to Use King T’Challa

King T’Chaka’s cameo in X-Men ’97 was like salt on the wounds of the grieving fans.

Black Panther, X-Men ‘97

The three-part season finale of X-Men ’97 ended on May 15 and the fans couldn’t be more pleased with how the animated show has played out so far. However, the last episode has upset a ton of fans thanks to a cameo which none of them expected to go down the way it did. Many characters from the Marvel world showed up in the episode including Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, and more.

X-Men '97

However, there was one that was missing – T’Challa’s Black Panther. While the episode did have Black Panther making a cameo in it, it was actually T’Chaka’s Black Panther and not the fan-favorite T’Challa. Now, fans are furious at the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they are convinced that the studio didn’t allow X-Men ’97 to use T’Challa’s character.

T’Challa Left Out From X-Men ‘97

T'Chaka X-Men '97

The third and final part of season one’s last episode, Tolerance Is Extinction, had tons of Marvel characters showing up on the screen. While the cameos were basically of the blink-and-miss nature, they were enough to quench the thirst of fans and make them giddy with excitement. Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver, Peter Parker, and MJ are just few of the many who showed up in the season finale.

While fans were happy to see familiar faces on the screen, Black Panther’s cameo left them feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. King T’Chaka is shown inside his palace at Wakanda as an army of Prime Sentinels invade the country and attempt to break the glass that protects him.

Clearly, King T’Chaka is ready to face the invaders along with the Dora Milaje that stand behind him, waiting to spring into action.

While the scene in itself is quite interesting, fans had one and only one complaint: why didn’t X-Men ’97 show T’Challa as Black Panther? T’Chaka’s appearance makes little to no sense to fans especially since everyone from Tony Stark to Matt Murdock were also in the episode who are the same age as T’Challa.

Not to mention that this cameo creates a continuity error with regards to the Fantastic Four animated show which showed T’Challa inheriting the throne after his father died at the hands of Klaw. Needless to say, fans are furious and are blaming the MCU for trying to erase the character completely.

Fans React to T’Chaka’s Involvement in X-Men ‘97

Chadwick Boseman in Avengers: Infinity War

After Chadwick Boseman’s untimely demise, the MCU and its fans were shaken to their core. After all, Boseman and his Black Panther held a special part in our hearts. Anyone who has seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever know that Marvel Studios refused to recast T’Challa after Boseman’s death and showed the character’s funeral in the film.

In order to continue the story, they brought in T’Challa’s son Toussaint, also known as Prince T’Challa II who is likely to take on the throne. Wakanda Forever faced a lot of backlash from fans who were disappointed that the MCU didn’t want to continue T’Challa’s character.

And now, with what happened in X-Men ’97, fans’ rage knows no bounds as they blame the MCU for it all. According to them, the only reason why T’Challa was not Black Panther, is because the MCU is trying to erase the character from existence out of respect for Boseman.

We are not sure if T’Challa will ever make a comeback in the MCU with a different face or not. While we do miss Boseman a lot, perhaps a recasting is needed to satisfy the angry fans, after all.

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