“Sick as a dog but summoned the energy to post..”: After Marvel Choses Michael Lesslie For X-Men Live Action, Beau DeMayo Celebrates His “Best Reviewed Marvel Project EVER”

Despite being sick, ‘X-Men ’97’ creator Beau DeMayo celebrated his show.

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Amid the extensive hype for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool & Wolverine, a new MCU report has extended further excitement. As Deadpool and  Wolverine belong to the same saga, the new report of the X-Men reboot locking a writer shows that Marvel Studios is quite serious about the former Fox mutant superhero franchise.

Beau DeMayo

Beau DeMayo, the creative mind behind X-Men ’97, celebrated the prowess of the show. X-Men ’97 has been one fine addition to the Marvel Animations, and fans and critics have embraced the show with open hearts. The animated series is a nostalgic treat carrying almost a similar essence to the comic book on the screen.

Beau DeMayo Celebrates The Best Marvel Series Of Recent Times

Official art for X-Men '97 (via Marvel Animation)

There would not be an extensive debate after claiming that X-Men ’97 is the best Marvel show of recent times. The Beau DeMayo-created series, albeit getting fired from the studio right before the grand premiere, has been claiming the attention of global fans.

As per Deadline, the 10th episode of the series, Tolerance Is Extinction, Pt. 3 claimed 3.5 million global views in the first five days of the episode on Disney+. With that astonishing record, X-Men ’97 went on to be the most-viewed full-length animation series finale since Season 1 of What If…?

Also, the first two episodes of the series collectively claimed 4 million views globally in the first five days on the platform. Now, DeMayo has celebrated the series after getting a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes again. Taking to X, the X-Men ’97 showrunner cheered for his show.

It is unlikely that DeMayo will return to the second season. The second season run of the acclaimed animated series has already been greenlit (per Deadline). Previously, DeMayo took to X to comment on his involvement in the second season of the show, “I did write a lot of season 2,” he shared.

However, unlike Season 1, I will not be heavily involved or leading production, cast records, design, editorial, post, music, etc., nor doing any production rewrites as it relates to the creative vision of the show. #xmen97.

X-Men ’97, the continuation of the X-Men: Animated Series has been well-embedded among fans, and it deserves high praise for the astonishing storyline of the mutants.

Marvel’s X-Men Reboot Now Has A Writer On Board

Hugh Jackman as Logan/ Wolverine in X-Men

Following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney in 2019, the canonization of the Fox characters from Marvel has always been on the cards. After Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine died in Logan, Marvel Studios brought back the character with open arms in Deadpool & Wolverine. With the movie and the recent hit X-Men ’97, the hint of canonization has been far too evident. Advertisement

But the idea of making the X-Men reboot in the very MCU signature got its prominence very recently following the success of X-Men ’97 and the immense hype of Deadpool & Wolverine. Fox’s X-Men franchise ended with Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix.

Now, a recent report reveals that Marvel Studios has booked Michael Lesslie as the writer of the X-Men reboot. Lesslie previously penned Francis Lawrence-directed 2023 action adventure, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. He also has the acclaimed BBC One hit show The Little Drummer Girl to his credit along with multiple movie titles, including Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender.

Stream X-Men ’97 on Disney+. Deadpool & Wolverine will hit the theaters on July 26.

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