Revealing Princess Kate’s viral moment

Princess Kate surprised everyone when she showed off her tennis skills against Grand Slam legend, Roger Federer.

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As a member of the British Royal Family, for many years now, Princess Kate Middleton has been a prominent name that people are interested in. Princess Kate is not only praised for her golden personality but is also known as a very simple star. Despite living in wealth and luxury, Princess Kate still uses all common clothes, surprising many people.

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton showed off some “ball” at Wimbledon with tennis legend Roger Federer over the weekend when she attended a training session for ball boys ahead of the grass court Grand Slam which begins on July 3.

Revealing Princess Kate's new viral moment - Photo 2.

According to British media, the 41-year-old princess appeared in a video released over the weekend to honor the work of ball boys at the upcoming Wimbledon tournament. To highlight the importance and hardship of this job, Kate and Roger Federer went to the football field and practiced with the ball boys.

In the opening video, which is more than 4 minutes long, Kate said: “Wimbledon is famous for its extremely professional ball boys and girls. They have to work incredibly hard, if you don’t see them behind the scenes, you won’t believe it.” She then greeted the Swiss star: “Nice to meet you, Roger,” before entering the court.

Revealing Princess Kate's new viral moment - Photo 3.

Kate also sought advice from Federer on how to serve. The pair then attended a coaching session for some of the youngsters expected to be selected from the 250 ball girls and boys at this year’s championships, which begin on July 3.

The Princess of Wales looked like a real athlete in her £312 Wimbledon tracksuit, which included a £52 sleeveless polo, £135 shoes and a £125 jacket. She also wore a £50 white Stella McCartney x Adidas skort.

Aside from her engagement ring, Prince William’s wife kept her jewelry to a minimum. She opted for a pair of £17 gold earrings from British brand Orelia. The mother of three wore her hair in a high ponytail and wore brown smoky eye makeup and rosy cheeks to brighten her face.

Revealing Princess Kate's new viral moment - Photo 4.

Kate takes part in ball-picking training on the tennis court. 

Her match against the former tennis player took place on Court 3, where Roger Federer won his first match on his way to becoming world number one. Kate’s smooth serve and powerful returns wowed the fans and earned Federer’s applause.

Kate – who is a patron of the All  England Rugby and Croquet Club – said in the film: “Wimbledon is famous for its incredible ball boys. When you see behind the scenes, the amount of work that goes into it is incredible. With all the discipline and everything you learn here, you can apply it to so many other parts of your life…”.

Each year, around 1,000 13- to 15-year-olds take part in training sessions at the club’s Community Tennis Centre in Raynes Park, South West London. Those who are eventually selected to play on the court have to complete several months of training. The selected group will consist of 170 new entrants and 80 returning players from previous years.

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