Prince Harry’s ‘revenge’ isn’t over yet and could have another ‘bombshell’ if William ascends the throne

Prince Harry is gearing up to release another book

Royal expert is certain Prince Harry will never be allowed to return to  royal family | Marca

Prince Harry has strategically planned the release of his second book to make a significant impact on the bestseller list and within his family. Following the massive success of his first memoir, Spare, which was part of a substantial deal with Penguin Random House, Prince Harry is gearing up to release more bombshell revelations.

Spare achieved record-breaking sales, demonstrating the public’s insatiable curiosity. However, Prince Harry‘s contract includes at least two more books. It’s speculated that while Harry will write one, his wife, Meghan Markle, may author the other.

During the creation of Spare, Harry hinted that he had enough material for two books. He has cautioned King Charles III, Queen Camilla and Prince William that his trove of research and secrets is more damaging than they might expect.

When will Prince Harry release his new book?

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A royal expert predicts that Harry will strategically release his next book to coincide with significant family events. His first memoir was published after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to respect her memory.

It is believed that Harry might drop his next set of revelations following the death of his father, King Charles, to maximize their impact as Prince William prepares to assume the throne.

“I do think he would write about his family again,” Kinsey Schofield said.

“He was waiting to publish a book after [Queen Elizabeth died]. Originally, they were saying there would be another publication after the [late] Queen died.

“I suspect that maybe he would release a book after his father passed away, especially if Prince William continues to keep him at arm’s length. Because what would the repercussions be if Prince William pushed you out of the fold?”

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