Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four Theory Answers Why Galactus Hasn’t Fought the Avengers Yet

Pedro Pascal’s Fantastic Four has a lot in store for Galactus!

Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four and Galactus

The MCU is awaiting a breath of fresh air with its upcoming slate of films: starting with Deadpool & Wolverine. With universe hopping already a thing, fan theories keep popping up, each with varying degrees of possibility. One of them explores the plotline of Pedro Pascal’s Fantastic Four.

The new Fantastic Four cast. The new Fantastic Four cast

Starring Pascal as Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, the movie is set to introduce Marvel’s first family into the MCU. However, that’s not the only thing that will debut in the Marvel movie. Fantastic Four is also on the way to bring Galactus, one of the strongest beings from Marvel comics, as the big bad in the MCU.

However, with every big villain, especially of celestial proportions, there comes a question: where were they before, and why didn’t they fight The Avengers?

Do The Avengers know of Galactus?

The Avengers (2012).

In the Marvel universe, The Avengers are the go-to team whenever someone threatens the Earth. Being the planet’s prime defenders, we would expect them to be on the lookout for such enemies. So, do they know of Galactus yet in the MCU?

The question is similar to what was posed after fans watched The Eternals. How could The Avengers not notice the massive Celestial sticking out of Earth up in the sky? However, there actually might be a reasonable explanation for Galactus being hidden so far.

Many would assume that the MCU might take cues from the Fantastic Four legacy films. In Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, we see Silver Surfer and Galactus both apparently dying at the end. However, Galactus is a force of nature: he can’t be dead. And if you kill him, the comics have made it pretty clear that something much worse will be unleashed.

Since Galactus is already confirmed in the MCU, we can assume he’s alive and well, busy devouring planets in a galaxy far, far away, slowly making his way to Earth.

“Planetary destruction, universe hopping, time travel” – Fantastic Four’s ride to MCU

One of the interesting pieces of news that came along with the Fantastic Four movie’s announcement was its time period, which is speculated to be set in the 1960s. If that is so, how is there no mention of Marvel’s first family in the MCU?

Galactus in Marvel comics

Galactus in Marvel comics

That might be because the Fantastic Four don’t exist in the MCU yet. The upcoming Fantastic Four might belong to a different universe, a universe where Galactus arrived and annihilated their earth. And just before the destruction, Pedro Pascal‘s Reed Richards and his family managed to skip over to the MCU and to a different timeline than theirs.

There is also a possibility that Dr. Doom might have also escaped with them, but it is currently powerless and biding his time in the current MCU. That would explain why Doom is not the main villain in MCU’s first Fantastic Four movie.

The film can bring up MCU’s version of Galactus face to face with this version of the Fantastic Four, who, using their previous experience, will help thwart him away successfully with the help of a few other heroes, thus gaining public recognition.

Though this theory settles a lot of key plot points, it is still a speculation. More will be revealed as the production moves forward.

Marvel’s The Fantastic Four is currently scheduled to premiere on July 25, 2025.

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