Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Season 2 May be Next after Upcoming MCU Show’s Marvel Spotlight Confirmation

Moon Knight would be perfect for Marvel Spotlight.

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Marvel has been coming up with a lot of new strategies to fix the mistakes they have made these past few years. One of the most creative solutions has to be the concept of Marvel Spotlight. Many fans were upset with how every single project in Marvel had a level of continuity to another, which made casual watching impossible.

Alaqua Cox in and as Echo

The franchise’s solution to this problem was to introduce an entirely new category of shows that are more focused on character arcs and are not too connected to past and future projects. While only two shows were known to be part of the category; Daredevil: Born Again and Echo, a new project has recently been announced.

Daredevil most recently appeared in Echo

With this new addition, one cannot help but wonder what is next to join the spotlight. It would seem that all roads lead to a certain Moon Knight.

Who Will Enter The Marvel Spotlight Next?

Marvel recently announced its latest addition to Marvel Spotlight. Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the franchise will be releasing a Wonder Man series based on Simon Williams. While the news, on its own, is extremely exciting for fans, one cannot help but wonder what announcement will come next. Many shows can fall under the new initiative, including What If? and Werewolf by Night.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

However, it is safe to say that no project is better suited for the new category than Moon Knight. The beloved series, starring Oscar Isaac, has fans begging for another season after the show ended on a huge cliffhanger. Even though the series was released two years ago, there hasn’t been even a whisper about a second season being in production.

Although Marvel is known for keeping its projects under wraps in their early stages of production despite the announcement of Wonder Man, the franchise could not find a better opportunity to unveil the next season.

Moon Knight Would Shine Perfectly

While there is no doubt that season two of Moon Knight is long overdue, there are several reasons why it would be the perfect contender for Marvel Spotlight. When fans were watching the Oscar Isaac series, they could not help but feel as though it existed completely outside the MCU.

A still from Moon Knight season 1There were little to no references to the main story, and unlike most Marvel projects, there were no hints, nods, or, most importantly, cameos in the series. Rather than telling a grander tale, it focused on the story of a man plagued with monsters within himself.
May Calamawy as Layla/ Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight

With these in mind, the series would be a perfect fit in the new category created by the franchise. The show offers an entirely different look to the otherwise familiar franchise, delving into darker tones and themes. Furthermore, the category of Marvel Spotlight was introduced in 2023, a year after Moon Knight even premiered. The timing did not match, and perhaps that’s why the show slipped in the first place.

That may all see a change with a possible season 2. A sequel season would allow the show to fit perfectly in the category.

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