Not Infinity War Nanotech Suit Scene, Robert Downey Jr’s Coolest Iron Man Transformation Happened 14 Years Ago in the Most Forgettable MCU Movie

An Iron Man 2 suit-up scene is celebrated for its practical effects and realism, standing out despite the MCU’s shift towards less realistic CGI-heavy nanotech suits.

Defining a major turning point in his career, Robert Downey Jr immortalized himself in popular culture with his portrayal of Iron Man in the 2008 flick that kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first place. The character gained unanimous love from fans thanks to his charisma, genius-level intellect, and most importantly, the several suits that he built, improving each one after learning from his mistakes.

Iron Man and War Machine in a still from Iron Man 2 | Marvel Entertainment

Over the years, as Tony Stark upgraded his tech and armor, Marvel Studios also evolved from a mix of practical and CGI shots at the start to nearly fully digitally rendered suits. Ironically, with each year of improvements in graphics, the suits began losing a major chunk of their realism, culminating in divisive outings in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. However, one iteration among all the suits’ appearances on-screen takes the prize for being the best.

The Iron Man suit that featured one of the best suit-up scenes

Robert Downey Jr. suiting up as Iron Man in Iron Man 2 | Marvel Entertainment

Tony Stark built his first suit in a cave. Thereafter, the prototypes of metallic silver finally gave way to the beloved red and golden sheen, marking comic accuracy and the start of a character arc for Iron Man. While the first movie had Robert Downey Jr’s in-movie persona don the suit with the help of mechanical robots and machines, 2010’s Iron Man 2 marked a major upgrade with a portable suit and iconic suit-up occurring during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix sequence.

Taken aback by a surprise attack by Vanko, whose electrical slings nearly snapped him in half, Tony Stark caught a briefcase from Pepper Potts and wore his Mark V armor. Unlike its predecessor, Mark III, the new suit opened up in mechanical whirrings and engulfed the character, unleashing a new and unseen look featuring a touch of silver and metallic bands.

The CG animation, layered over practical props, gave the suit an unmatched appeal. Additionally, seamless transitions and a near 360-degree shot blended fans into the scenario. Meticulously planned lighting, textures, and colors hardly gave any indication of digital enhancements, as everything appeared practical, visually appealing, and memorable in detail.

Fans pitch the scene as their favorite while lamenting current progress

Avengers: Infinity War suit of Iron Man | Marvel Entertainment

The Iron Man 2 suit may not stand as legendary as the first-ever suit-up scene from the 2008 movie but it still feels undeniably realistic and stands as one of the most detailed suits ever worn on-screen by Robert Downey Jr. Taking note of this, several fans expressed their vote of support to this charismatic scene while recounting the early days of Marvel glory.

A large section of the online fanbase pointed out that the quality of scenes has gone down considerably. While the nanotech scene from Avengers: Infinity War is iconic in its own right, Marvel Studios has angered fans by the overuse of this technology. Following the end of phase three, nanotech started popping up in several places like Ant-Man’s suits in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which again used to be practical.

The excessive feature of nanotech has angered fans. Largely because of how it downplays Tony Star’s credibility as a genius inventor. Moreover, the over-reliance on CGI has led to dull-looking suits, which are easily distinguished as not being realistic, unlike the earlier ones where they actually appeared to be on Downey Jr’s body.

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