Nicolas Cage’s Superhero Role Requirements Make Me Even More Excited For His Live-Action Spider-Man

A split image featuring Spider-Man Noir from Into the Spider-Verse and Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage is officially set to play Spider-Man in the live-action Noir TV series, and his prior comments about superhero roles bode well for the upcoming Prime Video/MGM+ release. Spider-Man’s long list of movies and TV shows speaks to the long-successful history of Marvel’s Wall-Crawler outside of comics. However, up until recently, the iconic red-and-blue-suited Peter Parker has justifiably been the main focus. Miles Morales stepped into the cinematic spotlight with the wonderful Spider-Verse movies, and now, a new Spider-Man is ready to lead.

Spider-Man Noir has existed in Marvel Comics since his debut in Spider-Man: Noir #1 (February 2009), but he was made more of a household name as one of several spider-people to feature alongside Miles in the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018). Now, Nicolas Cage, who voiced Noir in the aforementioned film, will take a new interpretation to live-action with a full series order. Moreover, the actor’s recent comments on superhero projects and role selection overall bode well for the Noir.

Nicolas Cage Has Specific Requirements For Doing Another Superhero Movie

Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) looking serious in Kick-Ass

Nicolas Cage hasn’t yet spoken about Noir since his involvement was confirmed earlier this week. However, the actor opened up about his thoughts on returning to the genre and how he approaches accepting roles moving forward in a conversation with Deadline this past March. When asked if he’d take another superhero role, Cage answered with a simple, “I guess never say never.” While it seems like an intentional understatement with the knowledge that he’ll lead Noir, his further comments paint a less convincing picture. Asked about his comic book collection and relationship with the medium, he seemed somewhat dismissive:

“Come on, I’ve grown up. That’s not who I am anymore. Which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate it. I do. And I’ll probably still be open to playing something, but it’s not really on my mind.”

While it’s hard to believe it wasn’t on his mind at all given that Cage confirmed he was in talks for Noir that same month. However, the actor had more to say. Cage, who has occasionally been the subject of criticism for the number of movies – of varying quality – he’s been in, also opened up in the same interview about getting a bit more selective. After a string of small, critical hits, including PigDream Scenario, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, explained that he’s planning to “be more severe and stringent with the movies that [he makes].” While Noir isn’t a movie, it seems all but assured that his approach to taking parts is medium agnostic.

Why Cage’s Requirements Bode So Well For Noir

Spider-Man Noir holds a rubix cube up to Miles in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

It seems clear that Cage isn’t rushing to accept roles without cause, and he seems particularly skeptical of superhero projects. It makes sense, too. While his versions of Spider-Man Noir and Big Daddy rest inside wonderful movies, the rest of his tenure in the genre has been less consistent. Given that and his desire to be more “stringent” with roles, it seems clear that something in the Noir concept or script spoke to the actor. In the same Deadline interview, Cage clarified that he’d only be interested in returning to previous roles if the project “had some pop to it.”

While this qualifier is quite vague, it does speak to Cage at least being a bit apprehensive about repeat-parts. Interestingly, Noir lies somewhere between new projects and a return to form. While Cage did indeed voice Noir in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it seems this version of the character will be completely disconnected as distinct.

The official announcement for Noir , which confirmed Cage’s involvement, specifies that the project will be an exciting addition to “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.” This is the defunct term for what is now called the Sony Spider-Man Universe, including films like Venom and Morbius . While it’s unlikely the projects will cross over, given Noir ‘s 1930s setting, anything is possible.

How Noir Can Meet Cage’s Role Requirements

Spider-Man Noir perched atop a building in Marvel's Spider-Man

At this point, very little is known about Noir. However, the initial press release from Amazon MGM Studios does give some insight into the project, and the character’s Marvel Comics history also opens the door for some interesting characters and stories. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Noir will be the first Spider-Man project to feature an older Spider-Man in a lead role. While Into and Across the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: No Way Home do portray Spider-Men of various adult ages, none of them are the narrative leads. Cage, assumedly playing the character close to his own age, will show a very different Wall-Crawler.

The official press release for Noir makes no mention of Peter Parker and executive producer Chris Miller confirmed Variety’s early reports that the series is in development (and included that it wouldn’t star Peter Parker). Spider-Man Noir is indeed Peter Parker in the comics, so it’s unclear what identity he could have in the upcoming series.

If Cage is interested in the new and novel, an older Spider-Man at the end of – or even past – his superhero days certainly seems appealing. With over three decades of modern superhero movies exploring different corners of the genre, it’s difficult to find something truly new, but a live-action Spider-Man is that. There’s also the series’ presumed tone. As its title and setting imply, Spider-Man Noir comes from a universe inspired by classic film noir. As such, it’s likely Cage will get to engage in a story more concerned with detective work and grounded conflicts than big-spectacle CGI affairs.

Regardless of how the project comes together, it’s exciting that the series was able to land someone of Nicolas Cage’s talent and pedigree. To hear him hammer home his dedication to being picky with parts and his uncertainly about superhero projects in general inspires hope that Noir can be something special. With production likely starting soon following Noir‘s official announcement, more details will surely be on the way soon.

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