Natalie Portman’s MCU Return Is Already Possible Without Ruining Her Thor 4 Ending

Natalie Portman's Jane Foster in Valhalla on the left, Jane Foster as Lady Thor on the right, from Thor Love & Thunder

Though Thor: Love & Thunder gave Jane Foster a worthy ending, there is still a way for her to return to the MCU without ruining her legacy. Actress Natalie Portman debuted as Jane Foster in Thor, then reprised her role in Thor: The Dark World. The character did not return for Thor: Ragnarok, which seemingly signified her conclusion in the MCU, so the confirmation of her role in Love & Thunder was all the more surprising. With Jane finally evolving into Mighty Thor, Love & Thunder was finally able to make the most of such a long-standing MCU character.

Despite Jane dying from cancer at the end of Love & Thunder, Portman recently told Total Film magazine that she would be open to returning to the MCU. It could’ve been assumed that her character’s fate was Portman’s final goodbye to the MCU, though Jane’s circumstances do lend themselves to a possible return. The MCU has already proven that no one has to stay dead. However, Jane’s possible MCU return has to follow one rule to maintain the impact of Thor 4’s ending.

Jane Foster’s MCU Return Needs To Avoid The Multiverse Cheat Code

Jane Foster's Mighty Thor with Mjolnir in Thor Love and Thunder

The multiverse has become an easy way for MCU characters to make cameos. Any hero can appear in the MCU if said to be a variant from another universe. The multiverse cheat code has been used so far to bring together characters from different projects, with even the potential to bring back deceased characters. However, having dead characters return to the MCU through the multiverse risks ruining their legacies, as any heroic death would lose all meaning if they could simply be brought back.

Marvel has to ensure that Jane’s potential MCU return is not because of the multiverse cheat code. Having a variant of Jane Foster emerge after her heroic fate would cheapen her Thor: Love & Thunder death. She was sent to the MCU’s Valhalla after her noble death, proving just how far the Jane Foster character has grown throughout the Thor franchise. Simply replacing Jane with a variant would undo all the development she has undergone. Jane didn’t even have any existing ties to the multiverse, so forcing her MCU return to relate to the multiverse would just complicate her story.

Thor 4’s Ending Means Jane Foster Could Return Without Ruining It

Jane Foster surprised to arrive in Valhalla in Thor Love and Thunder

There are avenues set up for Jane’s character to return organically that wouldn’t ruin her Thor 4 ending with the multiverse.

With how Thor: Love & Thunder ended, there are plenty of ways that Jane could organically return to the MCU. There are rare instances where individuals can be revived from Valhalla, and the comics even brought Jane back as a Valkyrie at one point. Jane is surrounded by Asgardians and magic, which opens up unique possibilities for her to be revived. Unlike an Iron Man or Black Widow revival that would likely have to depend on the multiverse, there are avenues set up for Jane’s character to return organically that wouldn’t ruin her Thor 4 ending with the multiverse.

Natalie Portman’s surprising response about returning to the MCU has sparked theories on how exactly Jane can return. She had such a heroic send-off in Thor 4 that the wrong move risks ruining her legacy, especially if her return has anything to do with a multiversal variant. However, Jane is in a unique position where there is enough setup for a return, such as the Asgardians or magic. Jane is one of the few deceased MCU characters who wouldn’t need the multiverse cheat code, ensuring that the impact of her Thor: Love & Thunder ending is maintained.

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