Mystery Surrounding Storm in X-Men ’97: Will the Storm Goddess Bring a Shocking Ending?

X-Men ’97 episode 6 saw Storm get her powers back, and receive a brand-new, comic-accurate costume, giving weight to major X-Men ’97 rumors.

Storm crying in X-Men '97 episode 6 with the X-Men cast

Storm’s transformation in X-Men ’97 episode 6 gives weight to rumors concerning the X-Men team’s wardrobe, which is rumored to change by the end of X-Men ’97 season 1. Alison Sealy-Smith reprised her voice role of Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm, in X-Men ’97, after previously voicing the powerful mutant superhero in X-Men: The Animated Series. Outside the MCU, X-Men ’97 has explored a tumultuous storyline for Storm, as episode 2 saw the Mistress of the Elements depowered by the X-Cutioner and his radiation weapon, prompting her to leave the X-Men to find out how to live as a regular human.

Stripped of her weather-based abilities, Storm came into contact with Forge in X-Men ’97 episode 3, who claimed he could restore her powers. While Forge later reveals he designed the technology that depowered her in the first place, Storm teams up with the new mutant to battle the Adversary, a mysterious bird-like demon. In X-Men ’97 episode 6, “Lifedeath – Part 2,” Storm overcomes her fears and defeats the Adversary, and has her abilities restored in the process, and this came with a major upgrade for Storm that could support recent rumors concerning the rest of X-Men ’97‘s titular team.

Storm Got A New Classic Costume In X-Men ’97 Episode 6

Storm in her comic-accurate costume in X-Men '97 episode 6

Storm’s defeating of the Adversary in X-Men ’97 episode 6 allowed her to regain her abilities, though they are seemingly more powerful than before. Throughout the entirety of Storm’s X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men ’97 journey, the hero has sported a white costume, taken from the pages of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s 1991 run of X-Men in Marvel Comics. However, X-Men ’97 episode 6 gifted Storm a new superhero suit, which took inspiration from the character’s original costume in Marvel Comics, that Storm first donned in Len Wein and Dave Cockrum’s Giant Size X-Men #1 back in 1975.

Recent speculation has suggested that each member of the X-Men team will get upgraded costumes by the end of X-Men ’97 season 1, and Storm’s new costume in episode 6 may mark the start of these transformations. Storm has been seen in her white costume for the entirety of her animated X-Men story, so seeing her kitted out in her black-and-gold suit marked a dramatic change for the character. This same change could befall the rest of the X-Men team, as none of their costumes have changed that much since their debuts in 1992’s X-Men: The Animated Series season 1.

What Costumes From Marvel Comics Could X-Men ’97’s Team Get In Season 1?

Rogue, Morph, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit and Bishop in costume in X-Men '97

The fact that Storm was gifted her original Marvel Comics costume in X-Men ’97 episode 6 means that the other members of the X-Men team could also get their classic superhero suits. This means that Cyclops could get his costume from 1967’s Uncanny X-Men #39, Jean Grey could get her green-and-yellow Marvel Girl costume and Morph could receive his purple cape, with the other X-Men team members following suit. This would be a fantastic way to further distance X-Men ’97 from X-Men: The Animated Series, creating a fresh slate for the series’ animated future, and revamping these iconic mutant superheroes.

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