“Moon Knight was a victim”: YouTuber DoomBlazer Says Out Loud What Every Self-respecting Marvel Fan Has Been Dying to Ever Since Ant-Man 3

DoomBlazer finally said what Marvel fans have been waiting for!

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Superheroes have been a popular part of the film genre and an essential part of the entertainment culture for a long time. However, if you look at it, there is not one aspect that makes this particular genre of film so popular. In addition to being entertaining to watch, MCU films also add a layer of complexity to the intricate storyline with its ever-growing franchise.

Some people complain that Marvel is making darker projects

In the past decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created the most popular superhero franchise that has been dearly loved by the fans. However, there’s something that superhero fans have been dying to hear, and the truth has been finally spoken by the renowned YouTuber DoomBlazer, who shared his unwavering opinion that might make some people angry.

DoomBlazer Finally Says What Every Marvel Fan Has Been Dying To Listen To!

There’s no denying that Kevin Feige’s MCU is the most popular superhero franchise that has been created. The foundation stone for the franchise was laid down by Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man in 2008. Since then, a total of 33 films have been made by the franchise. However, after Avengers: Endgame, there was a steady fall in the popularity of superhero films.

RDJ laid the founding stone for Marvel in 2008

It felt that the audience had grown bored of watching the heroes save the day from a supervillain. Everyone thought that was the case, but in reality, it was not, because OG fans had grown up and were tired of watching family-friendly MCU films instead. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man 3 finally made the fans run out of patience. 

According to the reports from The Numbers, the film earned $463.6 million at the worldwide box office. Though it is a big number considering the previous iterations, the third movie grossed the lowest. The majority of the fans complained about how the film was PG-13, which made it boring to watch, and claimed that it would’ve done immensely better if it followed a darker premise.

Finally, YouTuber DoomBlazer gave his unsolicited opinion on how some fans want Marvel to be more family-friendly. He said, Can’t believe I have to actually film this, I’ve been seeing some people actually complain that Marvel is making darker MCU projects. Mostly from concerned parents on Twitter saying stuff like ‘Marvel should’ve been a family-friendly brand. No one asked for this Rated-R stuff!’

He further continued, Superheroes are meant for all ages, but that also means for the grown-ups too. Some things ca n and should never be watered-down for kids The Boys, Deadpool, Blade, Justice League Dark, Invincible, Suicide Squad. Some are mad that Deadpool & Wolverine are Rated-R. They wanted it to be PG-13.

The steadfast opinion does not come off as a surprise to the OG MCU fans and DoomBlazer explains why these films should not be merely limited to being PG-13 films that only children and their parents can enjoy.

Why Should Marvel Not Limit Itself To Making Family-Friendly Films?

In the same video shared by DoomBlazer, he explained why limiting itself to PG-13 films would harm the franchise in the long run, because what they have seen in the past few years would only continue to harm the franchise.

Ghost Rider would be ruined if he is watered down

He said, Some characters can work both in PG-13 and Rated-R setting, but after what we have seen in the last few years it’s best to go mature. A lot of kids grew up on the MCU, but guess what those kids grew up. We want more mature stuff for Marvel and thank God, they are giving us that.

He added how some characters and shows would be ruined if they were “watered down.”

Moon Knight was a victim, he should have had a TV AMA show, if it were not for all the delays Blade would’ve been PG-13. Characters like The Punisher and Ghost Rider would be ruined if they are watered down. Children should be taught they can not have everything.

Nevertheless, superheroes are for everyone, and the franchise should focus on making projects that both kinds of audiences could enjoy.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to premiere on the big screen on 26 July 2024.

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