Midnight Sons: 10 MCU Heroes Perfect For Blade’s Supernatural Avengers

The Midnight Sons could be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future, and there are already some perfect members for the team. Marvel has plenty of popular teams in the comics, with the MCU introducing only a few of them so far, like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As some of the best movies in the MCU came from team efforts, it would make sense that the franchise would expand its roster of superhero squads.

Making that even more likely is the huge criticism Marvel has faced over the absence of an Avengers movie in Phases 4 and 5. With so many characters in the MCU, multiple teams could rise to expand the franchise’s different corners, setting a clear story for each group of heroes and villains. The MCU’s supernatural corner has evolved greatly in recent years, and the Midnight Sons — Marvel Comics’ premiere supernatural team — is a likely candidate to debut in upcoming MCU films, with a few candidates existing for the team.

10. Doctor Strange

Possible Team Leader

Doctor Strange talks to Wanda at Kamar Taj in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

There is no way the MCU introduces the Midnight Sons and Doctor Strange is not on the team. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange has become one of Marvel Studios’ most popular characters, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness nearly passing the $1 billion mark. As such, Doctor Strange should play a large role in the MCU going forward, and the post-credits scene of Multiverse of Madness teased what that might entail.

At the end of the film, Doctor Strange is recruited by Charlize Theron’s Clea to stop an incursion, which is the collision between two Earths. That should lead directly into Avengers: Secret Wars. Along the way, Doctor Strange could assemble a team of other supernatural characters to assist him. Strange has learned that one of his variants was part of the multiversal Illuminati team, which could inspire him to create a team of his own.

9. Blade

Possible Team Leader

Mahershala Ali as Vector in Alita Battle Angel, speaking in his iconic black circle sunglasses

Mahershala Ali reached out to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige directly to reveal his desire to play Blade in the MCU. Since the 2019 reveal that the actor would lead his own Blade movie, things have been uncertain for the hero. Marvel Studios’ Blade has suffered from delays, rewrites, and the loss of its director. Now, the movie is seemingly on track to start filming at the end of the year and make its November 7, 2025, release date.

Ali’s gravitas makes Blade instantly one of the MCU’s most interesting characters the moment he debuts. With plans for the character having to be delayed for years, Marvel could want to hit the ground running when he debuts. As such, Blade, who is a key fixture of the Midnight Sons in the comics, could be the one to assemble the team to face a supernatural threat like Dracula.

8. Iron Fist

A Returning MCU Hero

Finn Jones' Danny Rand showing off the Iron Fist

Netflix’s The Defenders Saga has been confirmed as MCU canon. Multiple characters from Netflix’s Daredevil will be returning alongside Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in Marvel’s Daredevil: Born Again. That opens the door for other heroes from the Netflix Marvel shows to return in future MCU projects. One of those characters would be perfect as a member of the MCU’s Midnight Sons.

Iron Fist was part of the third incarnation of the Midnight Sons in Marvel Comics. While Danny Rand’s solo series was the most criticized of The Defenders Saga, the character does have great potential. Adding to that, Iron Fist actor Finn Jones recently teased a possible return to the role. Iron Fist thrived alongside Luke Cage and had some of his best moments in The Defenders. As such, the hero and his mystic connections are perfect for the MCU’s Midnight Sons.

7. Scarlet Witch

A Reformed Powerhouse For The Team

Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision 2021

Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch exploded in popularity after leading Marvel Studios’ first TV seriesWandaVision. The character fully became the Scarlet Witch, going on a murder spree across the multiverse in search of her sons in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. At the end of the film, Wanda Maximoff recognizes her grave mistakes and seemingly dies, sacrificing herself to destroy all the Darkholds — versions of a book of dark magic — in every reality.

Wanda left a path of destruction in her wake, and given the character’s impressive power and huge fanbase, she will likely get the chance to set the record straight. The Scarlet Witch should be back sooner rather than later. After her murder spree, Wanda might not be able to join the Avengers again; however, the character could work to make things right in the Midnight Sons team, which skews darker than the Avengers and is right up her power set.

6. Moon Knight

The Avatar Of A God

Mr Knight adjusts his tie in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac delivered a layered performance in Marvel’s Moon Knight. The actor made all three personalities of the character — Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley — distinct and impactful. That has led to great demand for Moon Knight to return in the MCU, and while there have been some teases from cast and crew, there is still no official update on the status of a possible Moon Knight season 2.

Instead of returning for another season, Isaac could play Moon Knight in a movie adaptation of the Midnight Sons. Marc Spector would fit right in with Blade and the other members of the team, while Steven would provide necessary comedic relief as he deals with new supernatural creatures and locations. Moon Knight would fit the level of darkness of the team, and his connection to the Egyptian god Khonshu could also play a role.

5. Black Knight

A Returning MCU Hero

Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman watching Sersi leave Earth in Eternals

Kit Harington debuted as Dane Whitman in Eternals. The actor only had a small role to play in the movie; however, Dane’s transformation into Black Knight, the superhero mantle he carries in the comics, was teased in one of Eternals‘ post-credits scenes. Dane came into contact with an old family heirloom, the Ebony Blade. Just as he was about to touch the weapon, he heard Blade’s voice off-screen.

It was an interesting decision to set up Blade with a voice cameo in Eternals before Ali formally debuted as the MCU character. That hints at Blade and Dane Whitman’s MCU future being connected, be it in Marvel Studios’ Blade, a Midnight Sons film, or both. Given Black Knight’s mystical weapon and his long comic book history with magical threats, he would be an asset to the MCU’s Midnight Sons.

4. Wong

The MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme

A close-up of Benedict Wong as Wong in his sorcerer robes in the MCU

Wong will likely be a member of the MCU’s Midnight Sons when the team debuts. When Doctor Strange was turned into dust by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity WarWong became the MCU’s new Sorcerer Supreme. While Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange has since returned, Wong remains in the role. As such, the character would make sense to play a prominent role in the Midnight Sons, finally giving Wong more to do.

In Marvel Comics’ “Damnation,” Wong assembled a Midnight Sons team, which could translate to the character being one of the team’s founders in the MCU. Wong’s Midnight Sons team featured a few characters who have already debuted in the MCU or will appear in the coming years, like Iron Fist, Man-Thing, Blade, and more. As two of the MCU’s biggest magical characters, Doctor Strange and Wong should be in the Midnight Sons.

3. Werewolf By Night

A New MCU Star

Gael García Bernal's Jack Russell as a monster hunter in Werewolf by Night

Disney+ has allowed the MCU to expand in exciting new ways. While the franchise initially consisted only of movies, Marvel now has released series, animation shorts, and Special Presentations. The latter of which served to open the door for more supernatural characters and stories in the MCU due to director Michael Giacchino’s excellent work in Werewolf by Night. The special was shot like a classic black-and-white monster feature and resonated with audiences and critics alike.

Werewolf by Night introduced a few possible members for the MCU’s Midnight Sons. Leading the pack is the Special Presentation’s lead character, Gael García Bernal’s Jack Russell, the titular werewolf. Instead of adding two new supernatural teams, the MCU’s Midnight Sons could function partially like the comics’ Legion of Monsters, allowing Werewolf by Night to act as an expert on supernatural creatures.

2. Elsa Bloodstone

Laura Donnelly's Elsa Bloodstone in Bloodstone Manor in Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night also introduced Laura Donnely’s Elsa Bloodstone. Despite her short time in the MCU, Elsa Bloodstone has already made it clear that she does not fear getting her hands bloody, as the character killed multiple monster hunters in the Special Presentation. Elsa has now come into the possession of an ancient artifact of her family, the Bloodstone, which boasts her abilities.

The artifact offers Elsa Bloodstone some exciting abilities. The character’s strength has been enhanced, she is protected from supernatural monsters, such as Jack’s werewolf form, she ages slower, and should be able to shoot energy blasts. With her family’s monster-hunting past and her new connection to the Bloodstone, Elsa is a formidable character to join the Midnight Sons in the MCU, being another resident expert of all things supernatural for the team.

1. Man-Thing

The MCU Team’s Monster

Man-Thing inflames a character in Werewolf by Night

Finally, Man-Thing was another character introduced by Werewolf by Night that could be part of the MCU’s Midnight Sons. The character could offer a unique perspective to the team, being a big monster full-time. Despite his power and scary exterior, Man-Thing is gentle at heart, which should also offer some needed nuance to an otherwise possible team of hardcore darker characters for the MCU’s Midnight Sons.

In Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing shows what he is made of. The character has enormous strength and durability. More than that, Man-Thing has a powerful and scary ability that he displayed in Werewolf by Night. In the Special Presentation, Man-Thing burned two characters alive, one of them being Elsa Bloodstone’s evil stepmother, which was possible due to his ability to generate acid. With his special powers, Man-Thing would be a unique Midnight Sons member.

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