Meghan Markle branded ‘delusional’ in David Beckham book as ‘homesick’ Harry eyes UK home

The Princess of Wales hopes to attend more events this summer.

Royal family news live: Meghan Markle branded 'delusional' as 'homesick'  Prince Harry eyes UK home | The Independent

Meghan Markle has been branded “delusional” in an explosive new biography of the Beckhams amid claims that a “homesick” Prince Harry is looking for a new UK home.

According to Tom Bower, the Duchess of Sussex “put on airs” around Victoria Beckham as she believed her place within the royal family socially put her above the former Spice Girl.

“In Meghan’s celebrity world, ranking depended on wealth and fame,” Bower wrote in the soon-to-be-released House of Beckham.

“As a seasoned operator, Meghan deluded herself that her status in the Royal family placed her above Victoria in the social pecking order.

“She was irritated to discover that the Beckhams had considerably more wealth than herself.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is reportedly “homesick” and searching for a new residence in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex last visited the UK alone in May on a visit that saw him celebrate the 10th anniversary of his Invictus Games.

He reportedly stayed in a London hotel on the visit after he and Meghan Markle officially vacated their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, last June.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield told Fox News Digitial: “I hear that Harry is both content with his new lifestyle and homesick. It just depends on the day.”

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