MCU’s X-Men Problem Has a Simple Solution That Makes Kang the Conqueror Look More Diabolical Than His ‘Ant-Man 3’ Counterpart

The fights would’ve been a lot more easier for The Avengers with the X-Men by their side!

X-Men, Ant-Man

It seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is back on track with Deadpool & Wolverine. The hype for the film is ever so high, as the movie is set to make several changes in the official MCU timeline. One of them is the formal assimilation of mutants and finally bringing the X-Men home after years of waiting.

X-Men [Credit: 20th Century Studios]

In Marvel comics, stories involving the X-Men and Avengers have often run parallel to each other. Hence why we often see these two groups teaming up and even having members from one team helping out the other. With the MCU already establishing the Avengers more than a decade ago, fans are left to wonder how they are going to bring the X-Men to the forefront now.

However, there might be a simple solution to that, which involves Kang the Conqueror and the TVA.

Where were the X-Men all this time?

Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3 [Credit Marvel Studios]

The MCU brought together all the heroes of The Avengers, one movie at a time, which culminated in the hit 2012 movie. Since then, Marvel has largely focused on this team, keeping it central to the storyline. However, in doing so, they completely ignored one of their most famous IPs.

Granted that they did not have the rights to the characters initially, after Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s entertainment assets in 2019, it has been quite some time since they addressed the issue. Besides some easter eggs and small cameos, there has been barely any mention of the mutants.

However, if we follow the trajectory MCU has laid in front of us, the answer might be right there. We already know that Kang was going to play a major role in future movies. Even an Avengers tie-up was named The Kang Dynasty. What if Kang was responsible for removing the X-Men from the MCU?

Kang is a cunning villain with a genius-level intellect. Even his somewhat neutral variant He Who Remains did not hesitate from killing or pruning hordes of people in order to protect a sacred timeline. What if it was him who pruned the X-Men and the mutants in order to reduce possible threats to himself? After all, the X-Men do possess some very powerful members, even more than the Avengers.

How can Deadpool & Wolverine bring the X-Men to MCU?

A shot of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from Deadpool & Wolverine trailer | Marvel Entertainment

The official trailer for Deadpool 3 has made it very clear that the movie will be dabbling with both the TVA and multiverse hopping. However, there won’t be a need to go back to the multiverse formula again if the mutants were originally present in the MCU all along.

The teasers show that there are a bunch of mutants in The Void. There’s a great possibility that it was Kang who pruned and sent them there, along with the X-Men of the MCU. There’s a chance that Deadpool & Wolverine will get help from these mutants to defeat Cassandra Nova and then bring them back to the MCU timeline.

The MCU has used the multiverse formula before, and it did not work as intended. If they decide to go this route, not only would it solve the X-Men problem, but also tie in LokiDeadpool & Wolverine with Secret Wars and The Kang Dynasty together, where both The Avengers and X-Men play a major role.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit the theaters on 26 July 2024.

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